{Hotel Review} : Hotel Tugu Bali

Jl Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach
Bali - Indonesia
Telp : +62 361 4731 701
Email : bali@tuguhotels.com

The Hotel

As Tugu Hotel majestically raised in front of us, it literally gave us a goose bumps. Is it really a hotel or a national museum? Everything about it inspires romances, memories, heritage and culture of my own homeland that I many times didnt know.

The hotel guests may enjoy those antiques stuffs, statues, paintings, old furnitures, and the stories behind them. Since I m married to a western husband, by staying in Tugu Hotel Bali is a good way to introduce Indonesia heritage to him and of course without no doubt he love it a tons.


Tugu Hotel Bali is only a short walk away from Echo Beach Canggu, one of the famous beach in Bali and around 45 minutes driving from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.
As a complimentary to their guest, there s an airport shuttle to and from the hotel, check in and out never been so easy and less hassle.

The Staffs

As we entered the hotel, we were greeted with a sincere smile by the front office staffs.
Those smiles and attentions from the staffs and the management team have successfully stole our hearts away. 
As people have said : “home is where your heart is” , thus I would be grateful to leave my heart in Tugu Hotel Bali.
The staffs are definitely as a role key of a hospitality in Tugu Hotel Bali, they even greeted us by calling our personal name which means they are remembering us by heart.

As we said our goodbyes, we are handed a bag containing delicious fruits and a bottles of mineral water that we later enjoy on the way to Ubud. Such a sweetness of attention from the staffs. I really dont want to leave.

Our Room

We got a room named Dedari (or Bidadari: an angels).
The bedroom was huge and spacious, but what impressed us even more was the furnitures that they choose, full of Indonesian carving in every details that I could spend my minutes to admire them.

On the table there was a beautifully sculpted wood plate with fresh local fruit in it and the welcome card written in the vintage post card, so personal.
The room also proves to be an oasis of piece and quiet, guaranteeing a good night sleep quality.


The Bathroom

Have you ever take a bath together with more than 20 Koi fishes? Well that s a new experience if I may said so. Literally, the bath tub in Dedari room is exactly side by side to the koi fish pond, how cool is that?
I put more attention how s the life of fishes through my relax time in the warm bath.

The Pool

Who needs a public pool if you have it in your own room privately.
Me and my husband always started our morning by jump into the pool, so intimate & romantic and I do believe thats the goal of the Tugu Hotel for their guests.

Afternoon High Tea

I am an Indonesian by blood and recently living in Belgium, one of the most thing that I missed the most from my homeland is having a traditional Indonesian snacks. 
During my stay in Tugu Hotel Bali, my desire was fulfilled, every afternoon starting at 4:30pm in the lobby of the hotel is served an afternoon high tea as a complimentary for all the guests. Ask for their signature ice tea with brown sugar and lemon, taste like heaven and I mean it.

I m the guest of Tugu Hotel Bali but that in no way affected my opinion of the hotel or my stay.
As always, all reviews are my own.

Welcome in Tugu Hotel Bali

The honeymoon suite in Tugu Hotel named Puri Le Mayeur.
This room dedicated tot the passionate love story between a Belgian painter Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpes
and the famous legong dancer Ni Polok.

The marvellous lobby of Tugu Hotel Bali, with our welcome drinks.
Ginger tea for my sore throat and watermelon juice for my husband. 

A personalized greeting card

The flirtatious crimson dining room, Bale Sutra, or Palace of Harmony
is an authentic reconstruction of a private 1706 Kang XI Chinese Temple.
Previously this place of worship was used for family gatherings where the big family could join together
for festive reunions dinners.
Experience the theatrical Forbidden City dinner served by the merry 'eunuchs', choose from the elegant Chinese Imperial cuisine or discover the Indonesian Peranakan flavours. 

Wayang Kulit - a shadow puppets

Outdoor Spa

An Afternoon High Tea served in Indonesian low profile way

The EntranHall of Tugu Hotel Bali

Tugu Hotel Bali commemorates the forgotten history and heritage of Java and Bali,
bringing back to the life as it was intended to be.

The gigantic statue of Garuda in the lobby of Tugu Hotel Bali
Traditional delicacies served on the banana leaves

Our private pool in Dedari Room


  1. Dear Fabiola, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this full description of Tugu Bali. Big thank you again from all of us in Tugu Bali. We look forward welcoming you again in the nearest future. Best regards ( PR Tuguhotels)

  2. Can't wait for our stay at the Tugu. What a great review. Thanks.

  3. Can't wait for our stay at the Tugu. What a great review. Thanks.

  4. Cakep banget kak, jadi pingin ikutan nyobain tp pasti muahal yeee rate nya

  5. Ohhh sama kayak hotel tugu di malang ya mba. Di sana jg ada snack sore utk tamu2 nya. Pelayanan no 1 deh...dan ratenya dgn servis yg kita dpt msh bs diblg terjangkau. Yg di Bali ga jauh beda kali yaa... :)

  6. cakep banget mbak. foto pertama bikin mulut menganga :D

  7. The place looks and the ornaments looks lovely!!

    Did you see other rooms too?

    Would love to stay here someday! #kode ;-)

  8. klasik banget suasana hotelnya, keren deh pokoknya :D

  9. yea,Its realy good but I can say that http://hiddenvalleyresortbali.com/ is one of the best resorts in Bali for family holiday and tranquility. Nice staff and pleasant clean rooms. Great food, but couldn't get used to the spicy taste. All in all it was great!


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