10 Things to See in Newark, New Jersey

Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in New Jersey and one of the largest in the United States. Home to vibrant music and theatres, excellent restaurants, scenic parks, and monumental museums. The city offers enough activities to explore and see, but it won’t hurt if we recommend ten things to do and sights to behold.

1. The Performing Arts Center
The NJ performing art center located in downtown Newark played one of the most significant roles in its revitalization. The site, which is home to the NJ symphony orchestra, is a great place to visit for romantic date nights. It also hosts numerous educative arts programs are offer scholarships to help prospective art students.

2. Newark Museum 
The Newark Museum is the largest of its type in New Jersey and promises an unforgettable experience in natural science and art. The site has more than 80 galleries of collections and houses a beautiful sculpture garden, and a planetarium. The halls are quiet, and a small but serene environment makes it one of the best places to see the art of the different collections.

3. Prudential Center
Whatever it is you want to see, the Prudential center houses it all. From games to concerts, the center is well-known for hosting some of the most popular events in Newark. The venue itself is clean with good food choices. The acoustic is excellent, and finding the park is easy. There is also an arena for hockey if you are a fan of the sport.

4. Newark Public Library
Visit the Newark Public Library and find other treasures of the city enclosed in pages of books. Start your journey at the Ballantine House, a restored and beautifully maintained Victorian-era home for a walkthrough. Although the library is smaller than the one in New York, the books do come in handy to provide research materials and a good read.

5. Newark Penn Station
The Penn Station is an intermodal passenger station that is served by multiple bus and rail carriers. As such, it ranks as the seventh busiest rail station in the northern part of America. With numerous tracks and platforms, a visit to the station will have you mingle with people of all ages from different parts of the World.

6. Ironbound 
The Ironbound neighbourhood is safe and is home to multiple stores and restaurants. The community is the go-to site to experience Brazilian or Portuguese life while in America. As expected, there are Portuguese cuisines. Plus, it is also close to Penn station and offers a friendly environment to walk.

7. Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
The cathedral is the fifth largest of its kind in North America, and it features impressive architecture and beauty on the inside and outside. The interior is well-maintained, and it features stained glass windows, marble carvings, and the largest pipe organ. Its French Gothic architecture does not block out the sun, but instead, the stained glasses are illuminated by the sun. A real sight to behold.

8. AirTrain Newark
The AirTrain is an excellent way to transport yourself around Newark. The train is clean, quiet, and offers an exciting way to behold the city and the landscape around. Since it is connected to almost all the airport terminals, you could ride on the train immediately you arrive in the town. As a plus, it is not overcrowded and an easy way to get around.

9. Branch Brook Park
Visit the Branch Brook Park for a look at beautiful trees and a fascinating playground. The park is famous for its cherry blossom in the spring and magnificent scenery. The playground is an excellent place to take your kids for a game of baseball, and you can watch them play. There is also a skating rink and rubberized walkways to pass out time with friends.

10. New Jersey Historical Society
Only a few places in Newark boast of vast collections of the rich history of the city like the New Jersey Historical Society. The non-profit museum doubles as an archive and a library ready to broadcast the intricate history of the city to audiences.

How to travel to Newark without a Visa

More than seeing top sights in Newark, you can be part of the experience and partake in fun activities when you come to town. For a visit of not more than 90 days for pleasure, you don’t have to apply for a visa, especially if you are from a country covered by the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a system that lets citizens from a VWP country travel to the US without a visa. Among its many features, the most exciting one is that the application takes less than two days, and it is not as expensive as a travel visa. However, the visit must not exceed 90 days on the grounds of either business or pleasure. Fill out the ESTA online application and check the status of ESTA to track your application. 

If one thing is sure, it is that Newark is not short on beautiful sites and landmarks. Lush landscape, culturally diverse environment, good food, and a rich history set the city apart. 


  1. Sayangnya Indonesia belum masuk dalam VWP countries ya mbak. I was about to try my luck if Indonesia is one of those countries. Been working for seven years for a US funded project, but had never had a chance to visit the country. Pity me hehe

    1. and unfortunately now with this covidshitty, it feels like we need to wait a bit longer to visit USA, hopefully soon though!


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