Experiencing the Ashbrook Estate Wine & Degustation Evening at Karma Kandara, Bali

If you called yourself a Bali frequent visitor, then the big name of Karma Kandara is not a new thing to hear. I was so excited with the invitation I received to attend the Ashbrook Estate Wine & Degustation Evening which was held last Friday March 21st 2014, located in the “di Mare” - the restaurant with the perfect setting for all occasions, dining and entertaining. Perched on a cliff, di Mare without a doubt has one of the most wonderful views in Bali.

The Ashbrook Estate is one of the quietest and highest achievers in Australia, maintaining excellent viticulture and fastidious winemaking. Established by the Devitt family in 1975, Ashbrook produced its first commercial wine (Riesling) in 1979 and its 30th vintage in 2008. Only grapes handpicked and grown on the Estate are used and all processing, winemaking, bottling and packaging are closely controlled using the Estate’s own state of the art facilities.

And i was over the moon could experience their best wines, started with a glass of Chardonnay 2011 in accompany with the appetizer. Shiraz 2007 for the main course: a plate of marvelous creamed rissoto Milanese & osso buco, loved the osso buco since it s my favorite Italian dishes to cook while I m at home. To accompany the caramelized white chocolate/yoghurt/lime/espresso as dessert, a glass of Merlot 2008 was a perfect ending of the night.

The Story Behind Karma Royal Group

Karma Royal Group is headed by Chairman and CEO, John Spence.
Karma Royal Group is comprised of Royal Resorts, Karma Resorts, Chakra Resorts, Beach Club International and Karma Spa and has undergone significant expansion to its global network in recent years.
This expansion includes the acquisition of The Alpen Club ski resort in Germany, the iconic Rottnest Lodge on Rottnest Island, Western Australia, the development of Karma Bahamas on Little Harbour Island and the purchase of one of the world’s iconic estates - the magnificent former home of Laura Ashley “Le Preverger” in the Cote D’Azur.
Further expansion includes land acquisition and development plans in Cuba, Brazil, Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Karma Royal Group continues to set industry benchmarks with its passion and innovation in providing new products to engage its over 55,000 members and loyal clients throughout the world.


  1. Ah cakep banget, pasti mahal sekali yaa kak :-(
    Besok mau santai2 di karma beach club nya aja

  2. Wow lovely restaurant! It looks that the sunset will look gorgeous from the restaurant? :-)

  3. Restonya madep laut gitu. Tsakeeep kak...

  4. Walopun ga bs minum wine, tp baca postingan ini aku serasa bisa bayangin suasananya (",) ..... Pantainya cakep bgt yaaaaa


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