( New Vlog ) Keiko 4th Birthday Story + Many Photos

Porto Trip for Keiko 4th Year Birthday Celebeation

Finally the pandemic is over and it's a perfect time to explore the world, especially on special days like celebrating our kid's birthday.

Keiko is turning 4 and we travelled to Porto, Portugal and have a celebration with his godparents and kiddos who flew to Portugal from Indonesia in the same period.

Porto is such a cosy city, I travelled to Porto with my girlfriend years ago, who ever thought that I would return with my husband and our child on his birthday. 

We are so proud of this little one, he grows beautifully, smart and very social. He's so easy to travel with, he knows the ritual in the airport , hotel and no more stroller, he's walking here and there easily, or whenever he feels tired, we stop by in the park, coffee shop or just return to the hotel and having a quick nap. 

Sometimes he feels cranky too and absolutely normal, even adults are in a bad mood, so why cannot the toddler.

We arrived 3 days before his birthday, we visited Guimaraes by train and sightseeing in Porto old town. Porto is still beautiful as I remember and the people are still friendly, especially to kids, making it a perfect destination for a family. 

In Porto famous station and a bite of Portuguese pie

Birthday Lunch and Experiencing The Portuguese Culinary with The Family

We had a birthday lunch with the whole crew at one of the restaurants recommended by trip advisor. It's a small size resto like a normal European resto in general, their menus is specific to a Portuguese culinar. We ordered several dishes and shared them at the middle table. Very cozy, full of love and laughter, absolutely a moment to remember.

The owner is very generous and gave Keiko a Portuguese pies with candles that he can blow, so cute!

Sightseeing in Porto by Boat on His 4th Birthday 

We spent a couple of hours in the resto and did sightseeing around the city’s charm, Cais da Ribeira. It's a wonderful spot to experience the city. 

To make the day even complete, we took a boat from the iconic Dom Luis I Bridge and enjoyed the stunning view from the river.

Happy 4, Keiko, our little traveller

One day you are going to explore every beautiful city in the world and your path will be filled with wonderful adventures.


  1. Udah besaaaar banget diaaa 😍😍. Ga berasa ya Mbaa... Memang keturunan ortunya banget, ga rewel blaaas diajak jalan, walo sesekali cranky, ya masih normal pastinya utk anak usia segitu.

    Happy birthday Keiko, walo telat ucapin. Semoga jadi anak yg tangguh, kuat dan tetep berhati lembut yaa 🤗

  2. Cuteness at its best ! warm family gathering for a special occasion in one of the beautiful European city xx ♥️


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