( New Vlog ) Keiko 3rd Birthday Story + Many Photos

I abandoned this blog quite sometimes due some home work as a mama and my freelance job. On the other hand I was losing my domain too as I forgot to renew it.

I'm gonna run a bit faster in posting some contents, especially some unforgettable stories.

Ice Cream Party for Keiko’s 3rd Birthday

It was one fine day our son is turned into 3, sun was shining in the blue sky and as we already predicted this weather, I decided to arrange an ice cream party for the neighbour.

I called the ice cream truck to come and the rest of the story was a happy and fun time for the kiddos.

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Customised Goodie Bag and Personal Handmade Stuff for The Teachers

Whole day he was wearing clothes made in Indonesia that I purchased online. He started his morning like usual, went to school, had a birthday party in his class and shared the goodie bag.

For the goodie bag I filled in with some cookies that I put inside the snack box and customised to the student name. I received some credit from a few mamas because they said it is a useful snack box that they can use several times, which is also my concern about plastic bag that are going to end up in the trash bin immediately.

For the teachers, I also prepared a personal goodie bag that consists of a handmade mug with their name on it. I have a friend who is very handy in making ceramic and I keep ordering it from him.

Again, the teachers really appreciate it. Mission accomplished.

Simple yet Beautiful Birthday Cake and Paw Patrol Cupcakes

There's no birthday party without a birthday cake. So I prepared to order his birthday cake from the bakery in our hood, I chose a delicious naked chocolate cake and cupcakes with paw patrol images on each of them. 

You are sunshine in a human form and we cannot love you enough.
Hope all your tomorrows will be filled with everything good life has to offer!
Happy 3, kiddo!!!

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  1. Sayang banget blog sebelumnya terpaksa hilang ya mba..

    Yg penting skr udh nulis lagi 😄😄👍. Keiko di sini sama gemesinnya. Lucuuu ih goodie bag nya, bisa jadi referensi kalo ntr anakku ultah.

    Btw, jadi cerita2 di blog yg dulu2 hilang semua ya mba? Aku tuh mau cari tulisanmu ttg Azerbaizan, Armenia, Georgia kalo ada sebenernya 😄. Mau baca2, Januari aku traveling kesana Ama temen.


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