Trip to Dunkirk, France

Summer is coming to this zone, some people still have no clue where to go especially many places in Europe still in the orange or even red zone due the covid 19 hard times.
If you are living in  Belgium, Netherlands or even France, maybe you can give a visit to Dunkirk, France. 

DUNKIRK! Maybe you know this name from a title of Hollywood Movie directed by #ChristopherNolan, which is correct! Dunkirk is an exact location of the movie, located in the world’s northernmost Francophone city, right in the border with Belgium.

See below our vlog during our trip to Dunkirk, France :

#DunkirkMovie is about the grim days in May and June 1940 as the invading German army drove the British Expeditionary Force from Belgium and into an area around Dunkirk eventually surrounding the vast army of Allied troops. Right after we saw the movies, we then decided to visit Dunkirk and explored it by ourself. First thing to do in Dunkirk is visiting  Musee Dunkerque 1940 - Operation Dynamo.

This museum dedicated to the operation dynamo or on how defeat was transformed into a successful rescue of 330,000 soldiers waiting for salvation. which has relics from 1940 and clear descriptions and images of the evacuation. 

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