( VLOG ) The Transparent Church - The Most Famous Church in Belgium

It was a quiet neighbourhood when we arrived and searching for the famous church of Belgium. It was one fine summer days of 2018, pre covid madness that make many people anxious.

I found this church from Atlas Obscura, I love this website with its many hidden gems tips from people all around the world about one location and destination. 

Located in the middle of a corn farm, this see-through church is a wonderful stop during a summer walk. Located in the village name Borgloon, right on the rolling hills right which provides a panoramic view and a calm surroundings. 

This church was called with many names : Transparent church, see - through - church , and many said also with name : reading between the lines. It was built in 2011, the Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh have taken the concept of transparency literally into a church. 

The ten meter structure is made of 100 stacked layers and 2000 columns of steel plates, positioned in such a way as to allow visitors to almost walk through the walls.  

Not to be missed after you visit the church is a few kilometres furthers you can see a large lavendel fields. It belongs to a private business but the open their door for a restaurant and of course you can enjoy the lavender fields as well. 

Details : http://www.limburglavendel.be/

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