( New Vlog ) Keiko 2nd Birthday Story + Many Photos

And just by the blink of an eyes our baby is turning two, but we didnt miss anything of him, we were there for him every single time. Three of us still in the phase of learning, learning to be a parent, and him being a new human in this world but I could say we are a good team and we are proud to each one of us. 

It s not always laughter and happiness, there were also a moment that we nervous, broke down and crying out loud, but we were there, will always be! 

June is a special month for us since this kid came into our life, he is the most special present that God gave to us. I m so happy to make his birthday as special as possible, though the first and now the second birthdays, we are still living side by side with the covid rules that make difficult to gather with many people to celebrate, but thats ok, sometimes we have to deal with such a thing. 

I still choose the earth tone for his birthday's theme, I find it very soothing to see such colours nowadays, and because he still cannot say what he wants for his birthday, so for this moment I m happily choosing for him. 

I made a several goodie bags for his friends in the daycare & some friends in the neighbourhood. Oh yes he loves making friends and very social, I m so proud of him of being so.
I choose wisely what to put in it, something that might be useful and not too much plastic & sugars involved. So I came with an ideas to give a colouring book and its crayon, and a bubble balloon to celebrate summer. 

I put them in a brown paper bag with stickers as a cover, my niece made a beautiful illustration that I easily print them as a stickers. He is into cars since this couple of months, as you can see in the stickers.

For the 3 teachers I gave each of them a scented candles from Zara Home and hand body lotion from Rituals, I wrapped them in a furoshiki style. Furoshiki is a Japanese style in wrapping a present, using a textiles and some greens from the garden. The teachers later can use the fabric for a tea towel too, very useful and of course less trash.

While for other teachers from other classes, the managements, and cook and cleaning service, I order a bunch of cupcakes from the bakery. They all love the gestures as much I love to prepare it. 

At home, I made his birthday cake from waffles, I arranged the waffles into tower with a butter cream in each of waffles. And earlier in the morning we let him blew the candles with pancake, his favorite breakfast beside oats :-)

As an Indonesian, I cant let my traditions left behind, I spent my time also to make a nasi tumpeng kuning for our lunch and for our side neighbour. Nasi tumpeng is a coned rice from turmeric with many assortments, you usually will see nasi tumpeng during festivals or something to celebrate. 

→ Dear son, you are two now! 

If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me, but then I'd miss you growing into who you re meant to be. Two sweet, two brave, two little, two cute, 2 years! Selamat ulang tahun, Biru Langit

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  1. Duh meski telat tapi ingin ucapin Happy Birthday Keiko dear! 🎉🎂 Makin sehat dan pintar yaa. Waffle cake-nya unik sekali, kok kepikiran aja, Mba hahaha.

    Dan aku sukaaaa sekali dengan tone dekorasinya love ❤️


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