Rue Crèmieux, One Cute & Instagramable Alley in Paris

Because of Instagram I found out about one cute alley in Paris named Rue Crèmieux. This alley is littered with colourful houses in pastel, you imagine house facade in shades of pink, purple, blue or yellow. And those summer flowers lingered in front of the windows. Absolutely a perfect real backdrop for a photos in Instagram, right? Everything in such a perfect harmony. 

Unfortunately the locals arent happy about the fact that many people come and make photos around their neighbourhood. Well, not only photos but worse that that, they also make a video clip, fashion shoot and a crazy bachelorette parties. The residents demand the government to lock the street with gate during evening & weekend. I can imagine their frustration. 

During our trip to that alley, we really super quiet and respect the residents. 

Rue Cremieux lies in the middle of the 12e arrondissement of the city, the closest metro: Quai de la Rapée and Gare de Lyon. Visit the alley earlier on in the day to avoid the crowds and dont forget to respect the locals, try not to make too much noise when wandering around.


  1. Duhhhh cakep banget ya kak, it's my kind of thing haha! Tapi sangat paham dengan residentsnya sih, bayangin mo keluar ke toko kelontong lihat influencer foto2 pasti geram hehehe

    1. apalagi yg suaranya gak bisa difilter, teriak2 gitu, baru mau tidur siang udah kebangun lagi dah :(


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