Where to See Sakura / Cherry Blossoms in Europe

Spring is the most beautiful season for all of those colours from flowers and plants. And in the beginning of the season, one of the flowers that fascinated is cherry blossoms or sakura.

If you cannot travel to Japan ( home for origin sakura ) at the spring time, you still could surround yourself with cherry trees in some European cities. For instance if you are in Brussels during the peak season of blossom, then you can come and visit the garden of Belgian King that is open for public every spring. 
The garden itself is very gigantic in size and the number of flowers collections. 

Beside the royal garden, you can also visit Hasselt. In Hasselt, there is a Japanese garden considered the largest Japanese garden of Western Europe, built about 20 years ago. I always missed the opportunity to visit this garden, hopefully this year I have a chance to do so. 

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