Traveling With Baby with Thai Air to Bangkok and Denpasar

In February 2020 we finally made our first long haul trip with our 8 months young baby. We flew with #ThaiAir and the route was Brussels, transit in Bangkok, and to the final destination is Denpasar, Bali. 

left : finally arrive in Denpasar, Bali
right : his first long haul flight 

left : passed out in the 2nd flight after transit in Bangkok
right : long queuing in Brussels Airport because there is no family line

I made several pro and cons using this airline. 

Pro : 
- On time
- Clean aircraft
- Friendly stewardess 
- Good food

Cons :
- There was no special line for family with children during check in
- Thought the air hostess are friendly, they were not really into to you as a family travel with infant
-  You have to pay for selected seats, even though they were empty once take off but still none can sit there
- So consider if you travel with infant under 6 months old who has a right to get bassinet , unfortunately you have to pay for it
- No menu cards offered 
- No warm towels

The most terrible experience of the service of Thai Airlines is : 
The customer service and their refund policy! ( except Customer Service in Denpasar, Bali who was really helpful in helping us to reschedule our flights , however the flights in the end was canceled ) 

Our flights were cancelled due to coronavirus which is understandable but the lack of communication is terrible. 
I have been mailing and their response is unclear. What a bad customer service and it s been almost more than 1 month, no clear news about our ticket money!


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