Floralia Brussels, Equally Beautiful Version of Keukenhof Tulip Park

Spring time is almost to come to this northern hemisphere, and we cannot hide our excitement! 
This post is about to show you guys one of my favourite things to do in Belgium during spring time, Floralia Brussels it is!

Floralia Brussels is one of the most popular flower trips in Belgium and each year this spring flower show attracts more than 35 000 visitors. What I love about this event that the location is so stunning and awesome, right in the garden of a castle, named the castle of Groot-Bijgaarden which just a short ride away from Brussels – 8km to be exact – and opens for a month or so during spring.

During winter a  group of both Belgian and Dutch gardeners have planted by hand more than a million spring bulbs which include 400 different tulip varieties, and not only tulips, but also hyacinth with its beautiful scents, daffodils and many more!

If you love gardens, flower photography or are looking to escape busy Brussels for the day, do visit Floralia Brussels. For my self I love more to visit this flower event than Keukenhof as it s less crowded but equally beautiful version of Keukenhof in the Netherlands.
And check in the agenda in their website as sometimes there is another extra events such as Venetian Mask Festival

Tickets cost €10 for adults, € 5 for children (6-14). More details at www.floralia-brussels.be

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  1. Wonderful post! Brussels looks like a dreamy place to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Belgium. I will talk to my husband & get ourselves a Belgium Visa. I would love to explore major tourist attractions & savour mouth-watering dishes while touring the alluring country of Belgium.


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