12th Wedding Anniversary Trip to the Eltz Castle, Germany

We always have a thought that honeymoon should be nice and sweet, but dont forget to keep the anniversaries even more special. Every December 8th we are having our wedding anniversary and the same like the previous years, we always back on the road to celebrate it, sometimes to the far destinations, sometimes to the neighbour country. 
I called it the perks of living in a small country in Europe, for around 3 hours driving we finally arrived in the Burg Eltz, Germany. 

December 8th 2019 is not just an ordinary wedding anniversary, though we didnt go to Melbourne to see Coldplay Concert like we did 3 years ago, or watched Flamengo in Valencia, Spain like what we did the last 2 years ago, but we only went to the neighbour country with our special sweetheart with us, yes that was our first wedding anniversary trip with our baby boy! 
Keiko did it well during our road trip, not his first road trip though so he kinda used to it. 

12th Wedding Anniversary
Bali, December 8th 2007
Eltz Castle, December 8th 2019

with our newest & sweetest member in the family

Burg Eltz is located in Wierschem, in between Koblenz and Trier ( the oldest city in Germany ), Germany. If you see in the maps, this castle is the beginning of romantic road or Romantische Straße, that will reach straight to many beautiful pictures villages and castles of Germany, and it will ended in the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.  I still have this bucket list to explore those villages in romantic route, but I suppose it will be more fun to do it in summer days where the weather is fine. 

Though the Burg Eltz was closed when we were there, but still the surrounding of the castle and also the castle itself was magical, at first glance I think I prefer to like this one comparing to Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is nestled deep into the woods atop a 75m high rock surrounded by nothing but forest, it s so beautiful, mysterious and romantic in every seasons. 
The castle was built in the 12th century and has been owned by the same family for over 850 years, and the descendants of the original owners still own this castle today. 
Though the castle was closed during our visit, but it was blessing in disguise because it means the pathway was empty and we can make a photos as much as we want without many people around. 
( Note: the pathway and the cafe are the only areas of the castle that is allow to make a photo ) 

this pathway is one of the only little areas in the castle that is allowing the tourists to make a photos, luckily it was closed then not much other people around

We spent admiring the beauty of the forest of the castle then continue the trip to Cochem. Not too far from Burg Eltz, and the easier way to go there is by car. The castle location is quiet secluded with not much public transportation options, but if you are into a power walking, then the view wont disappointed. 

Christmas Vibe in Cochem, Germany

Cochem, one pretty little town

Well, talking about Cochem, it was our second visit and still mesmerised as far as I remember it vividly, even more pretty because there was a Christmas Market here and there in the old town of Cochem. 
Cochem is one pretty little town tucked beside the gentle Moselle river, surrounded by vineyard in the steep hills, and crowned with castles, absolutely a postcard pretty town. Too bad those vineyard was bald due the winter season, it will be more impressive when you come during summer and autumn season. 

Though our son was only 5 months young and probably he wont remember a single thing, but what we know for sure that he will cherish the happy feeling and adventurous moment, forever! 

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary, silly man! te quiero mucho !

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  1. Aku yakin, si baby boy bakal cherish the moment :). Anakku yg pertama tergila2 traveling, Krn dari dlm kandungan sebulan, udah aku ajakin traveling. Pas lahirpun, masih baby aku ajak juga ke Medan ngeliat kakek neneknya. Mungkin Krn udah terbiasa, dia jd selalu suka jalan, dan nanya tahun ini kemana lagi destinasinya :). Sampe2 aku slalu bisikin tiap malam, "cari kerja yg mana kamu bisa selalu jalan-jalan melihat dunia ya nak" , hahahaha.


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