Visiting Torgny, Adorable Little Village in Belgium

Dont you just love a miniature village and less touristy city when you travel? Well we do! Especially in Europe where you can find and explore hundreds of unknown villages. 

Belgium is under radar country in Europe, though sometime people come and visit Brussels or Bruges in a quick way, but dont you know that Belgium is a home of many beautiful cities, one of our favorite is Torgny.
Torgny is the most southern city in Belgium where people sometimes associated it with little Provence of France, that is because Torgny lies in the border city of France with a lot of sunshines whole around the year thus you will see a vineyard here and there surrounded the village, something that uncommon for Belgium. Too bad when we were there in the autumn days, they dont have a stock of good wine from that year because Belgium had a very dry summer that time and also many heatwave. 

When they said Torgny has a similarity with Provence, I can relate it through those beautiful windows, yellow stone houses, flowers in the balcony, well maintained front yard in every houses and of course the vineyards. Not much to do in the village, but I love every minutes of it, walking around, have a coffee in the terrace cafe, saying bonjour to the locals and touching their dogs. Sometimes that s what you need!

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  1. Aku kangen baca blog mu iniiii :D. Ga terasa udah ada di baby ya mbaa :). As always yaaa, ceritamu slalu bikin kangen Ama Europe, apalagi aku tipe yg LBH seneng k tempat2 yg bukan turis juga. Bisa enjoy suatu tempat yg ga terlalu rame, duduk di cafe sambil ngopi dan icip2 bakery nya, udh cukup sih :). Apalagi kalo pemandangannya secakep torgny ini :D. Aku udah subscribe juga YT kalian ;)


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