Everything You Need To Know About Vietnam Visa On Arrival

If you are an Indonesian passport holder then you can skip this blog post. 

We have a plan to visit as much as possible Indochina countries anytime soon which of course Vietnam will be on the top list. I m grateful that my Indonesian passport doesn't need a visa to visit Vietnam but my Belgian husband does.
So I m starting to learn more about this Vietnam Visa and found some information that might be interested for you too. 

Everything You Need To Know About Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Who Needs Vietnam Visa ?

Nationals from ASEAN countries are exempted to visit Vietnam without visa for duration of stay 30 days and nationals from UK, Germany or Sweden only get 15 days of visa exemption. 
If you’re not among any of the visa exemption groups, you’ll need to apply for Vietnam visa to travel to Vietnam.

There are two available ways to go about this matter:

1. Apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy
You can go through your local Vietnamese embassy to ensure you have a visa before you leave your country, but bare in mind that you will need to send your passport and pay extra so they can send back your passport to your address. 
The benefit is you can just walk through customs on arrival without having to head to the Visa On Arrival office.

2. Apply for a visa on arrival
As the name suggests, a Vietnam Visa On Arrival is simply when you’re issued the visa when you are arrive in Vietnam by air. I always like VOA instead of spending my time go to the embassy in the capital. 

There are a tons of online agencies who can take care this out for you,  however some are either unsustainable and will only take your money without processing your approval letter. 
From my fellows travel bloggers, I read a good reviews about https://www.vietnam-visa.com/  that will sort this out on your behalf.

What we have to do is very simple :
- Fill out the online application form and pay the fee ( via credit card, PayPal and even Western Union )
- Wait the approval letter via email in 2 working days
- Print the letter and bring with you 

This approval letter is sort of guarantee letter that will allowing you to enter the country without a visa and confirms that you will be getting the visa once you are in Vietnam. So without this approval letter, you even will not get into the flight. 

How much is the online application for the Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival?

Depending on the type of visa, number of people applying and if you choose extra services. The details for a standard tourist visa as below : 

Service Fee

Stamping Fee

Your approval letter will be considered to be a legal evidence admitting your entry to Vietnam by Vietnam Immigration Department and once you arrive, you need to pay this stamping fee at the Vietnam airport to get your passport stamped.
The stamping fee is counted based on the number of times you travel to and from Vietnam. It does not count to the length of time you will stay in Vietnam.
Accordingly, the stamping fee will be:  US$25 per one single entry visa or US$50 per one multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months.

Just remember this : do not arrive in Vietnam without a visa or an official letter of approval!

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