Top 7 Awesome Museums To See in Antwerp

There is no doubt that museum makes us smarter because it s an effective way of lifelong learning, provoke our imagination and exploration. Some travelers are avoiding museum because they cant stand of the long queues or just simply doesnt have enough time.

Another reason that the entrance fee in some museums not always cheap, though we know that museum also needs support to keep their door open.
Buying a visit card if you are in one destination can be a good option, like for instance in Antwerp, there is an Antwerp City Card, with the price starting from €27 you can visit all of the museums in Antwerp for free, hop on off bus and also as a discount card in many shops, I consider this price is a good bargain.

Antwerp City Card

If you only have a short time in Antwerp and still you want to visit some great museums, here are the top 7 awesome museums to see if you are in Antwerp :

1. The Rubenshuis 

Antwerp is a hometown of Peter Paul Ruben, one of the greatest and most famous painters that lived between 1577 and 1640. 
During early adulthood Rubens traveled to Italy where he studied and became influenced by the Italian masters. In 1609 he came back to Antwerp and started to designed by himself this house, included the studio, courtyard, and a monumental portico. The Baroque garden that he also planned was interesting, in the summer visitors can enjoy and relax in there too. 

The museum has several works of Rubens, such as his self portrait, and also there are an objects and furniture that belonged to him, such a good idea to imagine how Rubens used to live.

Nowadays almost all of the works Rubens and his pupils created in the studio have been dispersed over major museums across the whole world, included 24 paintings that are now on display in the Louvre Paris.

Ruben' s Self Portrait at Rubenhuis

The Crowd inside the Rubenshuis
Backyard in the Rubenhuis Museum

2. Mode Museum 

Antwerp is not only the world diamond capital and the headquarters of numerous local breweries, Antwerp is also a fashion capital. To know more about the history of fashion in Antwerp, visiting the Mode Museum is a must, located in the heart of the shopping street of in the city. 

" You may have heard about it or not, but Antwerp is a true fashion city. Everyone is looking good, the fashion academy has an international reputation and a wide range of designer and concept stores line the tiny streets" -

3. Museum Aan De Stroom ( MAS )

Beautifully located along the river Scheldt in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, MAS opened its first door in 2011, pretty new player in town but it is the largest museum of the city, the design of the building is very impressive, its facade is made of Indian red sandstone and curved glass panel construction, at a glance it looks like a Lego bricks.

MAS has more than 470.000 objects to display and they regroups the collection in an innovative story that makes MAS is more than just a museum.
In the highest level of the building, you ll be able to catch a 360-degree view over Antwerp, and it s not included in the ticket entrance, so it s free for public. In the summertime, it is open until midnight.

One of the historical items in MAS Antwerp
Museum Aan De Stroom / MAS Antwerp captured by Stefan Cruysberghs

4. Plantin Moretus Museum 

Probably you have no idea about the fact that Antwerp is one of the three leading cities of an early European printing business, together with  Paris and Venice, so if you are into books, this is a museum not to miss. 

Plantin Moretus Museum is founded by Christoffel Plantijn in 1555, as the first industrial printing works in history, it is associated with the history of the invention and spread of typography. Granted by Unesco in 2005, the museum demonstrates the entire book production process from the 15th to the 18th century.

Inside the museum there is a bunch of an impressive collection of early printing works as well an awesome extensive library, how I love to be around inside this museum, feels like walking in a time capsule.
Old printer equipment 

The extensive library inside the museum

5. Red Star Line Museum

In the late 19th century till the early 20th century two millions of people from Europe migrated to the United States and Canada ( included Albert Einstein ), with the big ship named Red Star Line that dock in Antwerp, awaiting their passage to freer lands trying to find a better life.

Red Star Line Museum is the newest museum in town with an interactive modern expo, combining the art of story telling, absolutely a powerful exhibition and I found myself deeply moved by some of the passenger stories, more or less the same with what is actually happening right now, the big amount of migrant from war zone countries in the Middle East like Syria or Africa to Europe.  

Red Star Line Ship

One big family as a passengers

Albert Einstein as one of the passenger in the Red Star Line

6. Rockox House Museum 

Art gives us an experience like nothing else can and Antwerp is blessed with several small art museums with fine collections, included this Rockox House. 

Nicolaas Rockox was a mayor of Antwerp back then in 17th century, an art collector, a friend of Ruben. As its name, Rockox House is his house where you can see his collections, mostly old masters and ecclesiastical art.  

Such a perfect extensive museum because it s very intimate like your own home.
Rockox House is probably one of my favorite art museums in town

7. Museum Butcher Hall/Vleeshuis

I m quite surprise to find only little information about this Butcher House in any guide books, which actually one of the important landmarks of the city.  This 500 year old Gothic building is located not far from the city hall and the Steen castle, so it s pretty easy to find by walking distance. 

The Butcher's Hall reopened in September of 2006 as the City Sounds Museum, a museum of music when you can find a fine collection of old musical instruments and in the basement there is an exhibition of how church bells are made.

Old bell churches inside the Butcher Hall Museum

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Night in The Museum 

Antwerp is such a perfect place for hang out, especially in the summer time where the day is always young. Museum Night is one of the annual program for visitors to see all of the museums in Antwerp for only one price.

Museum Night surprises with soundscapes inside, a 19th century photoshoot, tours in dark museum halls and a marriage ceremony with dance initiation. Afterwards you can party on the Badboot during the 'after party museum night". How cool is that?! Visiting museums wont be the same again ;-)

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  1. Paling penasaran dengan The Ruben shuts sama MAS.Beruntung banget bisa dateng ke semua museum di atas sih Fe...

    1. 2 hari berturut-turut tour the museums di kota tinggal sendiri, seru lho ternyata :)

  2. aku suka datang ke museum, krn buatku ini cara asyik utk belajar sejarah :).. tapi klo ditanya favorit, aku tuh lbh suka dtg ke museum yg punya sejarah kelam mbak :D.. misalnya tempat pembantaian.. so far sih yg aku ga bisa lupain killing field ama S21 museum di phnom penh, itu msh merinding kalo inget..

    ato kyk museum jend nasution di menteng dan museum ahmad yani, itu juga sedih bgt kalo inget dulu gimana ade irma dan jend ahmad yani ditembak di rumahnya.. semua lubang2 peluru masih ada.. kalo di antwerp yg kira2 museumnya ttg sejarah kelam gini ada ga ya?

    dalam wkt deket, feb nanti aku bakal datangin hiroshima dome di jepang.. kata semua temen yg udh kesana, dijamin pasti mewek kalo masuk ke dlm.. Trus, kalo yg masih msk dlm bucket list dan bnr2 harus bisa aku datangin, itu Auschwitz Birkenau di poland.. Ngeliat lgs camp pembantaian Nazi :(.. sedih pasti, tapi aku mw tau sejarah kenapa sampe ada orang yang bisa dgn teganya membunuh manusia lain tanpa perasaan gitu..

    1. berarti kamu mesti ke KGB Museum kalau ke Lithuania, museum nya di bekas gedung kantor KGB nya sendiri, asli lah itu merinding bgt area bawah tanah tempat pembataian jaman Soviet :)

      di Belgia sebenernya gak seseram pembantaian yang kamu cerita sih karena sejarahnya beda, disini lebih banyak art museums dan cerita tentang Perang Dunia I dan Perang Dunia II.


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