5 Things To Do in The Picturesque City of Rovinj Croatia

Wise man ever said that the cure of anything is saltwater - sweat, tears or the sea. I believe it s true because that s what I felt when we arrived in Rovinj from Porec, fall in love at the first sight to this coastal city that ever mentioned as one of the most beautiful coastal town by Travel and Leisure Magazine on 2014.

Due to the limited time, Rovinj was our last stop in this Istria Peninsula,  the last but not the least. During our stay we were so lucky that the weather getting improved with blue sky and made everything looks even more beautiful.
Rovinj deserved 3 days or more, many things that you still can explore if the time is allowed. But here is 5 things to do in the city of Rovinj, Croatia.

1. Old Town
Old town of Rovinj is a gem of Croatia I might say, even you only have a few hours in Rovinj, you simply cannot missed it. Those hidden alleys, pastels old Venetian buildings, terrace restaurants, and many courtyard that you can enjoy. 
The Croatians have a good taste about an arts that you can see through their galleries, you never know what kind of treasure that you probably will bring to home as a souvenirs.

2. Around The Port & Fishing
The fishing port is still active in Rovinj and looks like more busy comparing to the ones in Porec and Pula. Fishing is the most important job for people in Rovinj, part of their culture too.
If you are longing to have a new experience, maybe fishing with the local fishermen in the Adriatic Sea can be the option. 

3. Chasing Sunset 
Rovinj is famed for many things, but nightlife isn’t one of them, though still you will find a lot of wine bars for cocktails lounges, absolutely a perfect spot to have an apéritif.
Our favorite moment of the day is waiting for the sunset in Valentino Cocktail Bar located by the sea, a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. 

4. Visit Katarina Island 
Just across of the Rovinj, you will see few islands that you can explore. One of them is Katarina Island which located only 5 minutes by public boat, the island itself is so lush and green and also as home for Santa Katarina Hotel, a recommended place to stay if you are in Rovinj. From there you can see the beauty of Rovinj old town from different angle, so stunning especially in the night.  

5.  The Church of St. Euphemia 
Cobbled streets in the old town will lead you up to the hills where one can find The Church of St Euphemia overlooking to the sea. The interior inside of the church was not really overwhelming but the location is surely do. Undoubtedly the best views of Rovinj are to be had from the top of the bell tower of the church of St Euphemia, so dont missed it.

Have you ever been to Croatia before ? 
Is it in your dream list ?


  1. wahhh jadi tertarik ke Kroasia nih, sekalian ke Bosnia sama Lithuania....mudah-mudahan tahun depan bisa...aamiin!! :D

  2. Memancing kalo menurut gw pasti membosan kan hehehe tapi kalo yg nemenin cakep yaaaa bisa di atur hahaha


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