We Left Our Heart At Tugu Hotel Blitar

If Tony Bennett ever said that he left his heart in San Fransisco, then for sure he never have an experience staying in Tugu Hotel Blitar
As always Tugu Hotel Group is one of our favorite property to stay whenever we have a chance to travel around in Indonesia, we just wish they open more hotels in every cities because this is what people need : a knowledge of local history and experience the ambiance. 

Chapeau for Mr Anhar Setjadibrata! We are a fan of him, hopefully we could meet him in person one day and deliver our gratitude for such an idea to keep the history and nostalgic ensemble alive for us to enjoy and experience.

The Hotel & Location
Located in the main colonial building from the 1850s, Tugu Hotel Blitar is our home far away from home. All the guest are welcomed by the unique entrance arcade that is consisting of hanging roots,  absolutely a stunning way in welcoming guests.
Surrounded by the lush and tropical garden that is well maintained, they are a treat for the eye and mind. 

Marvelous Entrance at Tugu Hotel Blitar

Situated in a what appeared to be a restored Dutch colonial mansion, we felt that we were stepping back in time in this hotel. The lobby is no doubt very impressive, with giant white-washed pillars,  elegant chandeliers, nostalgic photographs and furniture and artworks from the late 19th century to the beginning 20th century, creating an atmosphere of a library or an art room in a mansion in East Java from the same period. 

Tugu Hall at Tugu Hotel Blitar - this is the main hall of the original hotel building from the 1850s

The Staffs
We were astounded not only by the graciousness of the hotel but even more by the staff, we stayed in many different kind of accommodations during our journey so far, however we hadnt encounter more friendly people than the staffs at Tugu Hotel Blitar. 
They are more than just a helpful, they served you with their heart and treated you as we are their family members, that is enough reason why we felt a bit sad when we had to check out from the hotel and said goodbye to all of those people.  

Special thanks to Pak Doddy who delivered a top notch service, accompanied us to show around his hometown. When we arrived in Blitar, we didnt know much about this city but now we are coming home with an additional knowledge and realize we actually didnt see much about Blitar. Thanks again, Pak Doddy !

Our Suite & Sang Fajar Suite
We stayed in one of the 8 Tugu Suites, this spacious suite dominated by romantic colours and authentic East Javanese flair with a beautiful bath and old terrazzo tiles. The large canopied bed was very special, big and high. 
The amenities in the bathroom was simple, just what we need and every day they refill it with the new one, hair dryer was there too and clean towels. 

Touched of Batik Textiles at our bed - Tugu Hotel Blitar

Our Tugu Suite at Tugu Hotel Blitar

If one day we come back to Blitar, for sure we are looking forward to stay at Sang Fajar Suite
The elegant Sang Fajar Suite is a tribute paid to the late first president and proclamator of independence of Indonesia, Soekarno.
Soekarno spent his young age in Blitar and as well he was buried in this city. He had a such a deep connection with Blitar and the owner of Tugu Hotel dedicated one of the suite in Tugu Hotel Blitar for him. 
This 80m² suite features a magnificent, hand-carved Javanese bed in emperor size, art-deco antique furniture, and old photographs and memorabilias of the late president. 

Sang Fajar Suite
Working Table at Sang Fajar Suite - Tugu Hotel Blitar

Soekarno Statue at Sang Fajar Suite - Tugu Hotel Blitar

The Breakfast
All the room rate in Tugu Blitar Hotel is included a free breakfast for 2 persons. Every morning on the table we were greeted with a personalized hand written leaf that states 'Good morning to me and my husband', such a sweet gesture and nice thing to start the day.

Beautiful table setting - Tugu Hotel Blitar

We chose a different kind of breakfast. As an Indonesian living in Europe, I wont missed any Indonesian breakfast of course. One morning I decided to try Nasi Rawon, Rawon is sometimes dubbed as Indonesian beef black soup and it pretty much covers the description. 

Nasi Rawon
The Colony Restaurant
The hotel's restaurant offers the best dining in town, ranging from traditional Indonesian, Chinese and European Cuisine. 
One night my husband had an appetite to try a delicious beef steak and french fried, his typical dishes back at home, he didnt put any high expectation for that dish to know that Indonesia is not a steak country, but all of those expectation was failed because the chef delivered a plate full of happiness for his tongue and belly.  Bravo !

The Colony Restaurant - Tugu Blitar Hotel

Our Dinner - east meets west - tugu blitar hotel

Would we stay again / recommend it to friends?
Like we said, we left our heart in this hotel, everything about Tugu Hotel Blitar was praiseworthy and this hotel deserves all the high remarks that we continue to give it.  

We would strongly recommend for you who going to Mount Bromo via Malang, please take another days to continue your trip to Blitar, this is the city where all the history of Indonesia was started.

We were guests of Tugu Hotel Blitar, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely our own and based on our personal experience. We would only ever recommend something that we actually enjoyed and support!

Hotel Tugu Blitar
Address : Jl. Merdeka 173 Blitar 
East Java • Indonesia
Tel +62 342 801 766, +62 342 801 687, +6287 859 514 963
Fax. +62 342 801 763
Email: blitar@tuguhotels.com

Representative in USA:
Resorts Management Inc
456 Glenbrook Road Stamford, CT 06906
ph: 1800- 225 4255 or 1888 – ART TUGU
fax: (203) 602 2265


  1. Keren banget konsep bisnisnya mereka ya. Belom pernah coba deh jaringannya hotel Tugu ini.

    1. Kalau belum sempat ke luar kota untuk nyobain, di Jakarta banyak restoran dari grup Tugu yang konsepnya super juara :)

  2. Nasi rawon, telor asin sambal kerupuk udang dan mendol. Ahhh nikamtnya.... :)

  3. wahhh jalan masuk ke hotelnya kece banget :D

  4. Makin jatuh cintaaaaa sama konsep jaringan Tugu ini. How they appreciated a lot of Indonesian history.
    Batik kawungnya cantiiiik pisan, duh meleleh.

  5. Bok..keren sih dekornya..tapi kok difotonya aja auranya horor ya...pas disananya beneran berasa apa ngga sih

    1. sama sekali gak, gw yg bingung pada bilang horor, kita dibiasain dari kecil kl gelap itu menakutkan sih ya, plus cerita2 setan hiks


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