Sheraton Luxor Resort, Egypt

The Tombs of The Kings, Luxor - Egypt

Sounds no fair that I haven't make any review about this hotel that we ever stayed in Luxor, Egypt.  

We selected Sheraton Luxor Resort which is truly convenient located next to the Nile River. What a beautiful location, next to the millenary river. 
Talking about couldn't have asked for a better hotel in regards to the location, Sheraton Luxor Hotel was located approximately 5 minutes taxi ride to Luxor temple and 10 minutes from Karnak temple.
I saw around the city and believe that Sheraton Luxor is the best in town.

Sheraton Luxor Resort

Unfortunately tourism seems to be really hard in Luxor and as a result there are lots of horse and cart drivers and taxi drivers in front of the hotel who want your custom and it s hard to reject them. Egypt in general is this way, you step out side with no guide and everyone want a piece of you.
In particular right outside the entrance of the Sheraton there is a long queue of drivers waiting for a ride which can be a little annoying. We had an unpleasant experience with the horse cart rider who was so hassle  thanks to the security in the front gate, their appearance made us a little bit safe.

We arrived from Cairo by train around 07:00 in the morning, way too early to check in but the staff allowed us to enter our room around 09:00, such a kind gestures and we love it. 
The check-in was very fast as well as check-out and the staff are very friendly and helpful and the services are good as you might expect from a Sheraton Hotel

We booked a classic room overlooking to the garden, cant say it was a spacious room but it was ok. The bathroom looked tired, need a lot of refurnished here and there. Probably that s the reason why the rate is slightly lower than the rest of Sheraton.

Breakfast for a standard Egypt was pretty good and a lot of variation from warm foods to the cold platters.
Having drinks in a poolside and watching the sunset over the Nile is top the notch.

No free wifi 

The overall experience was very good, we enjoyed our stay at this hotel, and given the other choices in Luxor I would Definitely come back and stay at the Sheraton again.

Sheraton Luxor Resort
Al Awameya | PO Box 43, Luxor 83951, Egypt


  1. Wooow, you bring me to Egypt this time. I can imagine how annoying people outside of the hotel. I thought it was the Las Vegas Luxor. :p

  2. baru2 ini aku baca buku ttg traveler yg kliling africa, termasuk Mesir.. dan dia memang cerita kalo di sana bnyk bgt org2 yg sprtinya maksa turis utk pakai jasa mereka...caranya serem2 pula.. aku jd mikir mw kesana kalo sndiri ;p.. kyknya suami emg hrs ikut ato pake tur travel sekalian ;D

  3. Wow. Fantastic. I really wish to be there. Thank you for your information and photos.


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