Nights in a Helsinki's Prison

Nights in a prison in Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki

The Hotel
Where did we stay in Helsinki?

In a Prison ! Like for real !
How does it sound? ;-)
Staying in Hotel Katajanokka is a truly different experience because this hotel is a former prison turned into a hotel with its luxurious service. You will notice it immediately once you walked to the direction of the hotel, the thick red brick wall around said it all, and wait until you see the corridors.
From 1837 to 2007 it was a prison, then converted into a hotel. Despite being converted into a luxury hotel, Hotel Katajanokka still given hints to the building's former use. The old jail building gives a nice atmosphere and it has been kept as authentic as possible. All the original stairwells and railings are still in place and the doors look like prison doors. The bars have been removed from the windows of every room, and stylish bathrooms with bathtub have been attached, staying in modest comfort in a converted cell.

There was few black and white posters of an old image to give some idea how the prison looks like back then. If you curious even more about the previous prison looks like, you will find a single cell and a group cell in its former style which is worth seeing, located in the basement of the hotel. There is also an original prison church still used today for weddings or events.
If you are get bored from an ordinary hotel, this ex jail is perfect for you, actually it s pretty cool to be able to say I've now spent a night in jail (knock on the wood) !

The Location
Location is pretty much perfect, in a quieter part of town, 15 minutes slow walking from the ferry terminal & Presidential Palace. Close enough to walk to most places, we walked everywhere and only one time we took tram No 4 to the city centre. The tram shuttle is located exactly in front of the hotel's gate.
The Staffs
The staff were very welcoming, friendly and were only too pleased to help us. Always a smile and a happy outlook. The staff wearing clothes of prisoners and guardians, suit perfectly to this hotel's theme.

Our Room & Bathroom
We got a twin room during our stay with first-class amenities. The room is spacious, basically it was 2 cells and joined together as a room.
The other good thing of our room is there was a tea, coffee & hot chocolate available to help ourself. It’s complimentary and filled every day. This is a perfect small details and means a lot especially when you arrived pretty late.
There is a free WiFi but it doesn't work well in the rooms, although it connected fairly well in the corridor. It was because the thick wall of previous prison, so it s understandable. The receptionist mentioned it in advance during check in.
Available in a room an ethernet sockets if you bring your notebook to connect.

The Breakfast
Breakfast is complimentary, located in the Jailbird Restaurant. Wide of choices at the buffet breakfast, warm meals like eggs, bacon, sausages, porridge, pastry and a cold buffet.
They served partly with aluminum steel plates and mugs like prisoners, such a great idea, a real jail feeling.

Katajanokka Hotel
Merikasarminkatu 1A, 00160 Helsinki
Tel : +358 9 68645132

We were guests of Katajanokka Hotel, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely our own and based on our personal experience. I would only ever recommend something that I actually enjoyed and support!

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