Helsinki Card : Best Deal to See The City !

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and for sure one of the costly city to visit and that all depends on what are you planning on seeing and doing in this city.

It s always a good idea to plan in advance, I made a list of places which I would like to visit with the entrance fee, overall these attractions become cheaper to visit with the card. This key card is very handy, economical way of making most of a visit to Helsinki. Not only for a free entrance to all major sights and museums, but also a free public transportation around Helsinki (trams, metro, buses, train, boats to islands).
It also grants wide variety of discounts and bonuses, like discounts on tours to Tallinn and Lapland, in restaurants, saunas, at events, as well discount for the Finnair airport shuttle bus.

The Helsinki Card coming with the complete guidebook and excellent maps. you will be well-equipped to get the most out of your stay in the city. FYI, many sights & museums are closed on Monday, however we were not there on Monday, so it did not impact our visit.

By the first time of using this card, you need to activate it and it automatically begins being valid upon first use. Easy peasy ! 

How much is the price of Helsinki Card and how to purchase ?

You can purchase a Helsinki Card that is valid for :
1 day/24 hours (€38)
2 days/48 hours (€48)
3 days/72 hours (€58)
Children ages 7-16 pay €16/19/22 euros.

The Helsinki Card can be purchased from Helsinki City Tourist Information and hotel receptions or you can also purchase it in advance online.

I could recommend you to get The Helsinki Card to experience the Finnish capital city at your own pace, easily and inexpensively.

Jalan2Liburan is a guest for #VisitHelsinki , however all the review and comment is based on our honest experience. 

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