Where to Stay in Khiva, Uzbekistan

The Courtyard of Orient Star Hotel in Khiva, Uzbekistan

Orient Star Hotel in Khiva is a wow place to stay & a charming looking building because it is an old madrassa converted into hotel. It gives you a full of character, so you can soak up the atmosphere of its culture and the silk route history.

Location :  
Located in the heart of the old city, very good location, central to everything and with the beautiful Kalta Minar minaret on the corner so one could not lose oneself in this old city.
The old city of Khiva is absolutely charming and very clean with lots to see.
The four stars are for the location and the atmosphere.

Kalta Minar minaret

The rooms : 
The rooms are former students madrassa cells ( this makes the rooms have a certain charm ) so they are small but they all had their own bathrooms, no window so you have to keep the door open for some day light.  
The beds were not as comfortable as they could have been.

An authentic door of every room

Rate : 
Compared to the other hotels in Khiva, this one is a bit more expensive, however since we managed a very fancy good looking hotel yet historical, we did not mind the price.

Orient Star Khiva Hotel
Pakhlavan Makhmud Street, 1, Khiva 220900, Uzbekistan

Rate : US$ 90/night

The marvellous from door of Orient Star Khiva Hotel, Uzbekistan

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