How to travel safe and easy in Georgia and Armenia

How to travel safe and easy in Georgia & Armenia

Georgia and Armenia is absolutely an excellent destinations, off the beaten track adventure with a lot of troubled history, however both without a doubt were very pretty, excellent culinary , friendly and welcoming people. 

How to travel safe and easy in Georgia & Armenia?  The unfamiliar alphabets can make getting around a challenge, unless you can read the signs, and the public transportation is not as easy as in other big European cities. 

To avoid such a hustle and bustle, we were lucky enough to find Envoy Hostel in both capital which also provided a daily excursion and transport from/to Tbilisi and Yerevan. 

Envoy Hostel & Tour provides an easy, comfortable and informative way of seeing the beautiful countryside, the unique' Enlinking Caucasus tour  and experiencing something of the people, culture and very good food.  
English speaking guides will not only inform but entertain you throughout the tour with anecdotes and a taste of the local humour.

For both countries we had a superb guides, wonderful sceneries, great church locations and full bellies (the included food is tasty). The hostels were also all of a good standard & often better than expected.

Travelling from Yerevan to Tbilisi (and vice versa) has never been so fruitful, even though in the border to enter Georgia I had to wait for almost an hour since the Georgian Immigration border staffs made a little bit problem over my passport and visa. And our guide was so helpful in terms of helping me out of that issue. I believe I couldn't ask for a better service, both in Georgia and Armenia.

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54 Pushkin Avenue, Yerevan 0002, Republic of Armenia


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