Kyrgyzstan : Where to stay in Bishkek

Futuro Hotel
Hivinskaya 29 street
website :

Standard room rate : €40/night

-not a sponsored post-

We arrived in Bishkek for 2 times. Based on the reviews, we found out that Futuro Hotel probably the best hotel in the city with a very reasonable rates, and we were so pleased with the facts. 

Hotel is based within a reasonable distance from the city centre which you could reach by taxi or public transport. The front office staffs are friendly beyond words, they made our trip to Kyrgyzstan way much easier. 

The standard room is spacious enough, love the rain showers and the complete toiletries. 

The excellent service for the room service too, foods tasted so good, friendly waiters, good price. 

As you probably know, the scam during traveling in Kyrgyzstan is often come from the corrupt polices in the street, the front office staff gave us their name card, so whenever we got trouble on the road, just simply call them and let them do the rest. Thank God we didn't need those action though, however the hospitality of the hotel means a lot.

I suggest to book your room in advance, and if you arrive in the Manas International Airport, the most convenient is to contact them prior arrival to provide a taxi to hotel.