Sunday Morning with Mr Pope in Vatican

Though I m not a Catholic myself, but to be in Vatican for Sunday service with Mr Pope was a blessing, especially that Sunday he was in Vatican. Double lucky I could say. 

Summer doesn't mean without rain, that s what happened on that day in Vatican, nevertheless the visitors keep on stood under the rain waiting patiently for the presence of Pope himself. Me and my husband love his figure and all of those beautiful love and peace messages. Probably Pope Francis is our favourite Pope so far. His mission and thought is basically about not to judge others, not to judge gay/lesbian, not to judge other religion. 

Among a crowd of people, there are a bunch of people with Palestine flags, Argentine, Poland and many more. So great to be in the middle of different kind of nationalities......under the rain on a sunday morning in Vatican, and prayed together.


  1. God bless the pope :).. nyaman banget kalo dunia ga ngeributin masalah2 ttg perbedaan agama, rasa dan lainnya ya mba ...-__-.. heran ama org2 yg suka perang krn masalah 'perbedaan' gini

  2. Seru banget yah Fe pengalaman bisa ikut misa bareng Pope.. Meski gw juga bukan Katolik tp pengen banget :D


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