Visited The Location of Twin Peaks Series in Snoqualmie

Visiting “Twin Peaks” Real Life Location

TV show "Twin Peaks" may have made its debut more than 25 years ago, but it remains a favorite. It s about a murder investigation of Laura Palmer that was found dead “wrapped in plastic”. It was mentioned that “Twin Peaks” had become a national sensation & it was remarkable.

As my husband is a big fan of Twin Peaks ( he s so freak to the opening soundtrack, omg! ) , he insisted to give a short visit to a location where this series was taken. From the internet, we found that most of the scenes were taken at around Snoqualmie, in the state of Washington, not really far from Seattle. On a summer day in July 2011, we did our road trip from Santa Anna, Los Angeles to Seattle and Snoqualmie also Forks was in our itinerary. Snoqualmie is for my husband's Twin Peaks, and Forks is for my nephews' Twilight Saga.

Our first stop was in Snoqualmie waterfall and since we arrived in Snoqualmie still early in the morning, we decided to have a breakfast afterwards in the restaurant where also many times showed in the series. It named Twede's Cafe, while it was the Mar-T Cafe on the movie. 

Snoqualmie Fall - Visiting “Twin Peaks” Real Life Location

With the name changes, you won’t be confused whether you’re at the right place or not. “Twin Peaks” is painted in large letters on the front, along with a Twin Peaks mural at the back and a menu inside.
At Twede's cafe, in the menu they mentioned that they still have "Twin Peaks" cherry pie and "A damn fine cup o' coffee!" ( a famous shout out from the series )

Visiting “Twin Peaks” Real Life Location


Last monday, October 6th 2014, was a big news especially for the Twin Peaks lovers as that phenomenon series from 25 years ago would be returning in 2016 for a nine-episode on Showtime. All nine episodes will be written and produced by David Lynch & Mark Frost. The series will reportedly be set twenty-five years after the events of the original series.