Bring A Lot of Cash to Uzbekistan

Forget about the traveler cheque when you re going to visit Uzbekistan, you can't even use your debit / credit card. 
Cash is the only way to make you survive when you are in Uzbekistan. 

Here is 8 things you need to know before traveling to Uzbekistan: 

1. There s no ATM machines in the country 
Well, officially there is at least 5 ATMs in Tashkent, however all of them are always out of order.

2. No credit card / pre paid credit card can be used in Uzbekistan

3. Money changer offices are never open 
Yes I saw few money changer in the city centre and also in the airports, however you ll find out that those offices are never open. 

4. You can't change Uzbekistan Som outside the country
Bring cash in US$ is the most safe way for you. Cash is a king in Uzbekistan.

5. Changing money in black market has a higher rate than in a bank.
Go around the bazaar market, or asked your guesthouse owner to change your money. 
They will exchange money at rates 30% higher than the bank. 
Be careful when you see the polices are around!

Bank Rate 1.00 USD=2,375.58 UZ

6. This money below is equal to $50 , so prepare a big wallet with you to fill in your cash

7. If by accident you have no idea how to cash your Visa / Master Card, go to the national bank in a big city, and asked to withdraw your card in a manual way with extra cost. 
Ask for US Dollar instead and do the change in the black market.

8. You can't bring any Uzbekistan Som out of the country. 
When you enter Uzbekistan, you need to fill in 2 copies of a declaration forms. Be honest about how much money you have and write it down. Keep the copy!

Make sure to spend all of your Uzbek Som because you can't bring the Uzbek Som out of Uzbekistan.

And always keep the bills, hotel expenses, transportation proof of payment,  supermarket bills, basically all the transactions that you ve made during your stay in Uzbekistan. 

Once you are out of the country, you have to declare all the money you have on you again. 
It s not allowed to have more money with you when you exit Uzbekistan than when you entered. 
If you withdraw money in a bank in Uzbekistan , keep the letter from the bank! 

The Custom Declaration once you enter Uzbekistan, there will be 2 copies to fill in. Keep the other copy until you are out of the country


  1. Tapi disana aman kan yah Fe? Suka serem kan kalo kebanyakan cash gitu.. :D Ehh $50 jadi banyak bgt yah begitu jadi duit Uzbek.. Baru tau mata uangnya Som :D

  2. Aipy : Ya gitu deh dimana2 mesti extra careful aja kan :)
    xixixi iya uang nya lembarannya buanyakkk krn nominal kecil, padahal mah setebel gitu palingan cuman buat bayar hotel sehari :))

  3. hihhh, ribet yaaak ;p Tapi jd penasaran pgn visit negaranya...

  4. itu kertas CD nya kog kayak udah usang gitu ya? hahahaa kereenn.
    oia, kmrn aku naik pswt lion buka majalahnya ada mba feby di kolom kontributornya. hahahaa

  5. Mila : uang kertas lama yang peredarannya cepet bgt Mil karena nominal nya kecil..

    Ah iyaaa ada tulisan aku di Lion, yang bulan oktober yah ?


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