{Road Trip Series} : Vitznau, Switzerland

I m a bit in a rush to share few posts in a row from our {road trip series} that we did in end of February - early March 2014, as our other journeys in Indonesia need to be published too, and not to mention we are going to have our next travel soon as well...yaayy exciting! 

We were in Vitznau and stayed one night in this marvellous city lake on our way from Lake Como, Italy to home in Belgium. 
Vitznau is located in an idyllic bay of lake Lucerne at the foot of the Mount Rigi. The local people of Switzerland calls this mountain as "the queen of the mountains", they believe that it is a "she" and not a "he" because the legends said so. 
Whatever the origin, her unique elegance and mysterious beauty is undeniable and spectacular.

You ll find a numerous holiday resort as this place is a popular city to start up the excursion around the lake and hiking.

  • Lake Lucerne – historic paddlewheel steamers and saloon motor vessels invite guests to discover the landscape from onboard ship. 
  • Vitznau Fortress – during the 2nd World War, the artillery fortress was operated as part of the renowned Gotthard fortress in the Rigi rock. Its existence was kept top secret for decades; it is now open to visitors. 
  • Lucerne – a 1-hour cruise separates Vitznau from the lively, central Swiss metropolis of Lucerne, an excursion destination that is well worth seeing, with a beguiling range of shopping attractions.


    1. uwaaaa....jadi kangen. Dulu sempet interview pas ditawarin kerja di Park hotel Vitznau. Tapi akhirnya ambil yang di Brienz.
      Emang cakep pemandangan disini, mana deket pula dari Luzern <3

    2. @debbiee Park Hotel Vitznau mana tahan ya Debbb, semalam ngalahin Bvlgari rate nya :-))


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