{Hotel Review} : Hotel Flora Alpina, Vitznau - Switzerland

Schibernstrasse 2, CH-6354 Vitznau
Tel. +41 41 399 70
Rate : € 238

The location could not be better. Very romantic setting with a great lake view.

The Room
We had a lake view superior room, arrived in a warm room with balcony, I directly checked the bathroom and loved what i saw, a new retro bath with a window overlooking to the lake.
The best part of the room was the balcony in the afternoon, the sunset over the lake was just so spectacular, we just stood still and hand in hand, enjoyed to the last second. [See the video below]
Wifi was only available by registered it through your mobile number, so a little bit inconvenient if your sim card not active during your trip to Switzerland. 

The Staff
The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Upgraded our room with pleasure.

The Restaurant
The restaurant was good for dinner, we had our dinner always in the hotel since it was winter and not much restaurant outside was open, for the hotel quality the restaurant satisfied us.
The restaurant has a great position overlooking the lake, and the waiters tried very hard to be helpful. The menu, the wine list and the foods were all fine, with Switzerland price standard of course, so please check your wallet before order :p
To end up the beautiful night in Switzerland, I can t leave the country without having my hot Ovomaltine and kaffee fertig for my husband ( for the sake of his young age memories, had a glass of kaffee fertig after his winter ski ) :-)


  1. Gilakk.. View nya cakepp benerrr.. :D

  2. makanannyaaaa...^o^... ngeliat ratenya, langsung itungin convert k IDR ... :D . Dan itu sunset nya lgs bikin mw honeymoon-an lagi ama suamiiii ^o^..

  3. review Hotelnya keren kak ... pasti permalamnya mhal tu


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