{Road Trip Series} : Vine Route of Alsace, Northeast France

Let your memories be your travel bag, so wise man once said. 
Married to an European who spent his many of life time on the car of his parents and did the route trip all around Europe is one of a kind, every corners have their own memories to tell. 

Having a road trip with Mr Husband always bring us an emotional moments, he turned the music on from the same playlist like what his father also have back then and thats how the story goes on. And passing by the road that they always took for a hundreds of time due to his father's travel business. I was talking about the year of an early 70s which road trips were a common transportation.

"seems you yearn of your childhood and young years, if you could, will you turn back time?" i was asked him. 
"sometimes it s nice to think about that, I had a great traveling memories with my parents, but you are not there in my past, so I don't want it, i m enjoying my present life with you" he is answering me back.


So here we are in Alsace which is located on France's eastern border on the west bank of the upper Rhine to Germany and Switzerland. Historical background such as the wars and the politic have resulted in Alsace being administered as a region within the Republic of France. 
And talking about the memories, we returned again to this city to find a small home factory of wine that my 'young age' husband together with his family always passed by and bought a bottles of wine for their supply at home. Pretty easy to recognise the place, it s still the same as years ago and even that make us surprise that the same lady who is the owner of this place still recognise him and his family. 
We enjoyed her hospitality by tasting out her wine collections, as my husband needs to drive so let me replace him to taste the wines.
To end up this beautiful road trip series of Winter 2014, we bought around 30 bottles from Alsace.

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