Our trip to Indonesia this spring was a special thing, many new experiences in different places and of course this one: we were contacted by Indonesian Television called NET TV by email to participate as their guests for a talkshow program: INI TALKSHOW

Unfortunately we were in Bali that time and the tapping show was located in Jakarta, and considered that it was in weekend, I was a bit pessimistic could get a flight ticket return in a right hour. Anyway, we just tried our luck by go show to Airport and we will see how s it going, to be in TV and talking about travelling could be fun and interesting, so why not? :) 
Oh well, make the story short, everything went smoothly, got a flight ticket and the story continues.  

Hosted by 2 famous Indonesian comedians, Sule & Andre, the talkshow runs smoothly and super fun as we expected. We didnt talk a lot about our experiences though since the concept of the talkshow is easy & funny.

On the script, my husband normally not on the stage however on the last minute, the TV Team decided to put him on the frame as well, so if you see him with sandals, just ignore it, we flew from Bali remember? :D

INI TALKSHOW is on air every day in NET TV on a prime time. 


other videos are in here and here .