Where to Eat in Labuan Bajo

1. Tree Top Sea View & Seafood
Jl Soekarno Hatta,Kampung Tengah, Labuan Bajo
Telp: +62 38542093
email: treetoprestaurant@yahoo.com

I have no idea how many times i stopped by in this place during my stay in Labuan Bajo, first of all because its located in a very strategic main street of Labuan Bajo, and second of all they have a very stunning view from the 2nd floor. 
I ordered many times Indonesian dishes & tasted so good. After experiencing the Nusa Tenggara Timur for more than 2 weeks, having a decent meals with an honest price is hard to get. So, once i arrived in Labuan Bajo, i felt so great to find this place to enjoy both food & view.

2. Mediterannean Restaurant
Jl Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo

I came here for a quick lunch before my  departure  to Kanawa Island. I came inside and warned the waitress that is it possible to serve the food in less than 30 minutes. Well, the chef did it and taste was super. 

The place is without a doubt very cozy and clean, the service is very great and the view is absolutely stunning.  

3. Casa Selini
Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo
email: marilena.travel@gmail.com

Casa Selini is having a "menu of the day" with most likely Greek Menus as the owner is originally from Greece. It s located in the front yard of their house which function as bed & breakfast. 

I love the coziness of this place, beside the small resto, there s also a boutique. Later i found out that the owner, a fashion designer Mrs Marilena Vlataki  (fashion brand: Selini in Kerobokkan,Bali). She quit her business in Bali and start the new one in Labuan Bajo instead.
I tried souflaki & greek salad and love the taste. Too bad i found out this resto at the last night of my stay in Labuan Bajo.
If I have another opportunity to come back to Labuan Bajo in the future, i definitely will stay in this place.

(For room, the rate is Rp.300.000,- per night.)

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  1. Labuan Bajo changed a lot ! Good for them ... I was there in 2006 ... :)


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