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We would like to try something new during our 'countless' visit in Bali, not only the new activities we never had before, but also to try the new culinary & new restos in town. 

Jl Raya Kerobokan 135

We had our 5th wedding anniversary dinner with a friend in Mamasan and never regret to choose this Asian Fusion Resto. Love the atmosphere, wonderful selection of Asian foods. The decor is worth a look in itself.

You may get a cocktails in the upstairs too. Service is efficiently quick even though it was fully booked. 

We tried the crispy pork, roasted pecking duck and Indian beef curry.

They make ordinary asian menu into a great fusion with taste that is no ordinary.
Reservation is highly recommended , especially in the weekend.

Minus point : None

Dolce Arancia
Jl. Gautama Ubud
(Belakang resto Nomad) 

This is a new Italian resto in Ubud Centre, owned by Italian guy and his Balinese wife. 

The owner will welcoming you with their warm smile & will give a good advice about their meal speciality. 

From the signature dishes that we ordered, it tasted so delicious till the last bite. 

Minus point : None

Sea Circus
22 Jalan Kayu Aya

I heard many times about the goodness of having a brunch in this resto, those reviews about Sea Circus are correct, we ordered a variety of 'tapas style' dishes to share, the crispy calamari, fries with sweet chili mayo, island spiced chicken and had a couple of fresh drinks. It cost us very reasonable. 

Minus point: The staffs need more friendly and not in a rush to take away all the plates - seems like they want us to get rid of the place soon.

ps: psstsss! i heart their toilet :)

Jl Raya Petitenget 888

There are a variety of old Javanese furniture and curio items decorating the place. Fresh flowers in an old jar, just the right touch of homely and welcoming.

This lovely, gorgeous place has all the right ingredients for a memorable meal, afternoon tea , lunch or whatever. We chose for having a 2 package of high tea, which is a traditional and oriental. Crepes delicious, cakes excellent. 

There is a book shop attached to the resto, even make this place cozy than ever. 

Minus point : None

Mak Engking
Jl Nakula 88
Sunset Road

This isnt a new place i know, but i havent been there.

The setting of this restaurant is beautiful and very authentic Indonesian, sits above a pond and lake. 

We ordered their famous dishes: Udang Bakar Madu ( Grilled prawn with honey ) and Gurame Bumbu Cobek, Karedok, different kind of sambals, and the foods came very soon after we placed our order.

Taste is ok.  

Minus point : They have to pay attention more for the flies and mosquitos

Cafe Sardinia
Beachwalk Mall
Ground Floor - Kuta

Honestly we tried this italian (mixed with Indo menus too) because of the pretty interior, open rooms with so much fresh air - thing that you need the most when you are in Bali. 
The staffs are very friendly and helpful.  

WooBar - W Hotel
Jl Petitenget Seminyak

Chasing sunset with a glass of cocktails ? Woo is the place. 

When Rock Bar, KuDeTa and Potato Head are just so old school, Woo Bar now is becoming my fave place to hang out for chasing sunset.

We were there on sunday afternoon, not much guests and welcomed by a very friendly staffs also the manager of duty. We feel instantly welcome. 

With the minimum payment for order the drinks and foods, get the bean bags right in front just before the hedge for the best view. Music was great and the vibe was amazing.
W Hotel is a lovely hotel - first class architecture and design, price the cocktails all include tax and service, very reasonable. 

Minus point : Raining:D

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