[Resto Review] Rondji Restaurant - Ubud

Rondji Restaurant
Jl Raya Campuhan Ubud 
The Blanco Renaissance Museum

You might not know about Rondji Restaurant before as it s just launched, but i m pretty sure you know about the Antonio Blanco Museum

It s actually located in the same area, with a stunning view and cozy couch to lay on. The menu variations are in between Indonesian and Western dishes. 

Me & Debby of www.debbzie.com were ordered Sate and Fried Duck (Bebek Rondji) , while my western husband ordered a poulet roti (a roasted chicken fillet served with mashed potatoes), yup he missed his western local dishes and he s satisfied with the taste of the poulet roti in Rondji Restaurant.

I may called the menus are fine, served in a beautifully small portion, but no complain with the taste and furthermore the warm hospitality of the staffs are beyond words. 

Minus Point: None

I just read a beautiful story about Mrs. Rondji (the wife's name of Mr. Antonio Blanco) in this link

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