(Balkan Trip) The Culinary

Squid & Potatoes baked in Oven

"To know one land is to know what they eat" 
Culinary is one of the main reason i love to travel, to taste the spice, to smell the flavor, and to experience the recipes when i return to my own kitchen. 

In Sarajevo, most of the meals are influenced by Turkish (since they were under Ottoman Empire regime back then) , a kind of meat grilled in the stick served with fresh veggies salad and potatoes.

My first dinner in Sarajevo - served by local small resto with a friendly waiter who is almost cant speak English:)

But honestly, been around in Sarajevo for some kind of dessert, too bad i cant find any. Maybe Belgium is spoiling me much with its delish desserts. 

In Dubrovnik,Croatia & Kotor, Montenegro I experienced the best sea food there is. A grilled squid is taste like heaven, as well the squid in oven. Oh i just love so much squid & sea food . 

Grilled Squid

A friendly gelato guy in Dubrovnik, Croatia - the best in town

Pistachio & Red Berries for me & Pistachio & Caramel for hubby

In Kotor,Montenegro, I ve been to resto which offered a "menu of the day" for 12€ for seafood & 10$ for meat - all including Soup, Salad & Main Course. Good bargain, even though there s still another option cheaper than than, but the quality is count for me. 

Starter: Fish Soup
Pardon.....I cant stand myself to have a rice in Chinese Resto in Kotor,Montenegro , i swear the meals are heaven too haahaa

Most of hotels/hostels aren't provided breakfast for their guests, but who cares, if there s a lot of bakeries & pastry vendors offering a delicious & cheap bread,sandwich & fried pastries. 


  1. Such a yummy post ! I'm planning to visit Balkan next year so this could be very useful for me.
    Btw salam kenal yach :)

  2. Hi @debbz : Mediteranian meals never let u down, rite ? :) the fresh ingredients are just amazing there...i promise u to share more story about Balkan, i just dont know where to start haha


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