Instagramed: DUBROVNIK

The Old Croatian Lady is busy with her handicraft , ready to sell on the spot

Without no doubt, I do agree with what George Bernard Shaw, he said: 

"Those who seek Paradise on Earth should come to see Dubrovnik"

Start the day:  breakfast with the view
One of the main gate into the old city - Stradun - which means Street

The Croatian Lady Dancers are working for Tourism Board - They asked the tourists around who want to dance together

Art Gallery from local artist - simply a lovely door,isnt it?

 animal neglect -  right in front of the gate into the old town

Part of the Old Town

Street Entertainer try to gain a coins

Post Office & Stamps = Collection

Croatian Kuna

Main Street of Dubrovnik - Outside the Old City

Local Activities - hanging the laundry 

Simply Lovely

Onofrio Fountain

Taken from iPhone 4s & Instagram

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