And...Our Next Trips are :

If Traveling is a sinful addiction, then surely we will be in jail

If Traveling is a disease, then must be we are having a chemo

If Traveling is a drug, then we are in a big problem

But hey, traveling is not about all of those brutality above mentioned!

It is an addiction – because u cant stop to think about your next destination to be

It is a disease – because it will influence others

It is a drug – because you cant live without it

So, here we go again – planning and deciding – what s to do the next! Where to go!

As on our travel plan, we will be quite for a moment and not doing any trips, not until my Indonesian family coming to visit us this autumn. But furthermore, plan has been changed since there will be 9 free days in September.

Lists are made , few countries are mentioned but the final result have to be decide.
We are agree for something nearby (so of course, low budget) , not too mainstream destinations, and old cities to capture (i m a bit of sucker for old worldy things recently)

Taddaaaaaaa (drums rolling)........

We are about to hit :

1. Belgrade , Serbia
2. Podgorica & Kotor, Montenegro
3. Dubrovnic, Croatia
4. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
5. Kosovo (keep my fingers crossed to be here since the uncertain thing is still happen in Kosovo lately)

I ll hear you some update...

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