(Photo Essay) Brussel from my iPhone lens

Welcome to Brussel Central Train Station said Smurf:)

Grote Markt - The Square of Brussel

Summer means outdoor activities
Chill Out in the Public Garden while the Street Entertainer is busy to entertain for the sake of Euro

Chocolate Fountain is Everywhere

Chocolate is Belgium & Belgium is Chocolate
Tintin is an iconic cartoon made by Herge - The Cartoonist that originally come from Belgium
The Newest Hard Rock Cafe in the World - Opened in Brussels - August 2012


  1. Hello from Aberdeen! I was in Brussels and Bruges last week and enjoyed the cities. Lovely pics!

  2. Hello.....Thank you for the comment:)

    Btw, i know someone that is recently living in Aberdeen...never been there but lovely city too i suppose, even though a bit cold ? :)



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