(Preparation) Balkan Trips / Perjalanan ke Negeri Balkan

So here we are, decided to do the Balkan Trips during short days of holiday in the beginning of September .

July 2012             : Decision has been made - we know where to go

6th August 2012    : Booked the air tickets Brussels - Belgrade - Brussels
7th August 2012    : Bought the travel guide book & Made the itinerary - as 
                            much as possible to visit the neighbor countries:

8th August 2012    : Called all of the embassies & asked how s the 
                            processing to apply the visas for my Indonesian Passport 
                            and the informations as below:

1. Belgrade , Serbia (Visa Needed for Indonesian)
2. Podgorica & Kotor, Montenegro (Free visa for Schengen visa holder - max stay 7 days)
3. Dubrovnic, Croatia (Free visa for Schengen visa holder - max stay 7 days)
4. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (Free visa for Schengen visa holder - max stay 7 days)
5. Kosovo (NO Visa needed for all of passport type)

24th August 2012 :  Went to Serbia Embassy - less than 30 Minutes visa is 
                            granted with Multiply Visa
                            Visa is obliged for Indonesian passport holder to visit 
                            Serbia. The documents that necessary to bring to the 
                            embassy are : 

1. Ticket reservation
2. Hotel reservation
3. Copy ID Card / Insurance Card
4. Itinerary
5. Photos 4x6 in color
6. Fill in the application form 
7. Fee €62

End of August 2012                : Browsing hotels and transportations 

First Week of September 2012 : Start to Packing - Light Traveling

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