Refreshingly White Crater/Kawah Putih

What is Kawah Putih?
Kawah means Crater and Putih means White in Bahasa Indonesia.
Kawah Putih itself, is some kind of a sulfuric crater, on the peak of Mount Patuha.
This hidden treasure was found by a Dutch called Franz Wilhelm Junghuh.

At that time, the local villagers believe that this area is haunted as flying birds passing over the lake could fell and died without any known reason.

After it was founded that the weird looking white lake is actually a crater filed with stagnant water.
It still produce sulphuric fume, which creates some smoke out from the water and gives not a pleasant smell.

Where is Kawah Putih Located?

Kawah Putih is located approximately 50 km south of Bandung City. While Bandung is about 120-125 km from Jakarta. With the toll road, it takes about 2-2.5 hours from city to city; the time may vary depending on the traffic conditions

How To Reach Kawah Putih ?
You could reach it by accessing Kopo or Moh. Toha toll road.
It would take around 2 hours travelling from Bandung City by car.
Rent a Car from Jakarta or Bandung may cost you around Rp.350.000 per day including driver, and the fuel is your own cost.

How Much the Entrance Fee ?
Car Fee : Rp.150.000,-
Per Person Fee : Rp. 12.000,-

What is in the Surrounding of Kawah Putih?
There are tons of strawberry farms. They offer some really nice strawberries and more important, absolutely breathtaking views of mountains and valleys.
Dont missed to experience the delicious of Sundanese (the local ras of WestJava) dishes.

The package of Nasi Timbel contains a steamed rice in banana leaves with different kind of fried tofu, fried tempe, spiced chicken or grilled fish, served with Lalapan (fresh veggies salad ) and hot sambal (chili based sauce which is normally used as a condiment )