VLOG : Dinkelsbühl, Charming Little Town in Germany | Best City in Romantic Road | Romantische Straße

When people have a plan to do the romantic road ( Romantische Straße ) in Germany, they might questioning, what is the most beautiful city or what is the most interesting castle to see. 

To be honest with you, every cities in the map of Romantische Straße is unique in their own way, but on our personal view,  we love Dinkelsbuhl so much and then we also like Rothenburg of course. 

Check the video below to see in visual how s cute this little village is ! 

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  1. OMGGG rasanya kayak masuk ke buku dongeng anak-anak jaman dulu yang pernah aku punya. Cantikkkk banget kotanya 😍 jadi ini tuh tripnya bisa langsung ditempuh dalam satu hari gitu yaa? Saking cantiknya sampai dinamakan Romantic Road gitu ya hihi


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