Must Have Beachwear for Your Next Beach Vacation

Summer is about to come, you can feel that the breeze of spring is getting warmer and warmer in this part of northern hemisphere . I know it s not a good moment to travel because the best time to do is absolutely not this year. We actually didnt have any travel plan as well this summer because we did a great big trip in February to April to Bali and Vietnam, normally we just hang out in the country or go to the beach in France for a couple of days.

Summer is always about going to the sea, enjoying the slow life of the beach, and is there anything as exciting as packing a suitcase full of gorgeous dress and outer for your bikinis? Packing for the beach destinations is always my favorite thing to do, that s the moment that I start to dream about the perfect, sun-soaked days I am about to have.

And when it comes to cute beach outfits, the options are endless.  I’ve been to tropical destinations in several countries and have found that packing for all those trips was quite similar, beside lots of swimming packs, I just need a bright pieces of casual dresses, neutral fabrics like linen dress and must have to bring is an elegant white long dress that will be perfect in every occasions.

One of the most common dress codes you will come across is this white dress which is typically the dress code for the beach destinations

A beautiful dress, feminine and would be perfect for beach photos and it s very comfortable to wear.

Packing a dresses in suitcase is more easy, lightweight and will not taking spaces like if you are packing a top and bottom kind of clothes. However, one of the travel hiccup is your dresses will be easily to get wrinkle. If you can bring a travel portable iron with you then your problem is solved, but if not, then you need to ironed before you pack it into your suitcase and grab a large tissue paper, lay it on the back of the dress, to help avoid wrinkles from setting into the fabric. 

Stay healthy everyone!

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