Forget About Amsterdam, This City in Holland Is Worth A Visit !

Though Netherlands is located in our backyard, it feels like I dont give enough credit for this low land country. In this post, you will see a beautiful old town of Valkenburg, which is located down in the south of the Netherlands.  

The closest famous city of Valkenburg is Maastricht and Aachen in Germany, so if you visit those 2 countries, therefore easily be combined.

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Valkenburg is an extremely popular sightseeing destination among local tourists and also Belgian and Germany as their neighbour countries, makes Valkenburg a mix bucket of cultures.

The most famous sightseeing spots are the caves, the castle ruins and the lovely restaurants and cafes. Its small old town is still guarded by two of its original gates with walkways and the vestiges of its seigniorial castle. One of my favourite things to do in Valkenburg is a slow walk along the remaining parts of the city walls and stop over for a a glass of wine in a terrace cafe and dinner in other restaurant. 

If you have a plan to visit Valkenburg during winter season, then dont missed the Christmas Market that is located inside the caves, something uncommon for a Christmas Market locations, isnt it!

Valkenburg is also a home for one of the oldest train station in Netherlands, was opened on 23 October 1853 and still operated until today. 

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