In Finding Lavender Fields in Belgium

One who ever visited Southern France in Lavender season must know how awesome those lavender fields looks like. Every summer I wish I could come to visit and experience it over and over again, oh well that just a wishful thinking of course.

Living in Belgium I wish there is such a fields to enjoy. I googled around and around and finally found out that Belgium indeed has a lavender fields, not as big as in Valensole, but still a joyful to know and to see.

So one day in a late spring, we came there and gave a quick visit, and it did not disappointed me at all. We had our simple lunch by the lavender fields, and bought a lavender bouquet for the wedding of my family in Indonesia this summer.

and here is below you can find the details and address about the lavender fields in Belgium. You re welcome ! ;-)

Olmenbosstraat 25
3511 Stokrooie-Hasselt
T +32 11 25 22 48
M + 32 475 71 58 25


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