My Favorite Spots in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp has many things to offer no matter what is your favorite elements are. From antique hunting, dinner and dance with friends, hopping on off museums or just simply enjoy local beer with Belgian Côte d'Or piece of chocolate in the river bank. 

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This end of year is going to be my 10th year living in Antwerp, spent my time so far by enjoying the city in every seasons and playing tourist every single time.
So, to sum it up, here is my 7 favorite things to do in Antwerp, Belgium : 

Vlaaikensgang - The Tiniest Alley in Town

The feeling of walking in the alley that dated since 1591 make this alley is one of my favorite spot in Antwerp, there is a magic in the air especially when the Cathedral bell is ringing.
Even though Vlaaikensgang  is mentioned several times in many travel guides as the top things to do when you are in Antwerp, but sometimes I hardly see any tourists when I was there, probably because the alley is located pretty hidden so it s hard to find.


Sunday Shopping in Vintage Streets

All of the shops and businesses in Antwerp are close on Sunday except for the first Sunday of the month, it makes Antwerp a bit quiet in you are a tourist on Sunday. But worry not because there is a Kloosterstraat that is open every Sunday. 
After a great Sunday brunch, visiting Kloosterstraat is a must. It s a gem of the city where you can find many antique collection and a vintage things with reasonable price.

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Late Lunch in a Former Palace of Napoleon

Antwerp is a rich city full of histories and cultures that the locals are so proud of. Having an immense harbour made someone like Napoleon decided to lived in Antwerp and purchased one building as his palace to stay. Napoleon is a history by now, but you can still enjoying his palace as this one is become a restaurant in the heart of the city. 
Either you just want to have an afternoon high tea or late lunch, you can just come to Café Impérial and be ready to admire all of those architectures inside, and of course they have such a delicious a bowl of Bouillabaisse - a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille. 

Chasing Sunset in A Scheldt River

The great thing of spring and summer is to chase sunset. Antwerp has no beaches but it has a Scheldt River and in the some region of the river is the best spot to see the sunset. Every summer there is a tons of summer pop up bar and resto all around the river.  

Watching Movie at An Independent Cinema

Small, cozy and smart. I was talking about an independent cinema. 
Watching a movie in a regular cinema is good but in an independent one is awesome. They may be a little harder to find because many of them are either close or bankrupt. 
In Antwerp at least there is 4 famous independent cinemas that I know : Cinema Cartoon's, De Roma, Cinema Zuid and Filmhuis Klappei. Please put in the comment box if you know more!

De Roma Cinema ⎟ via

Asian Groceries at China Town

As an Asian by birth, having a china town in Antwerp is great, meaning that I can do my groceries list so easy in many Asian shops in there. 

Though you are not an Asian, visiting China Town can be a joyful too where you can have a bowl of Chinese noodle or Peking duck. Our favorite Chinese noodle bar in Antwerp is Ting Kee Mie, a stone throw away from the Chinese gate. By far this small restaurant is the best in town, the Chinese chef and his wife are a dynamite duo who will serve the best bowl of noodle soup. Just bare in mind that during lunch time it will be packed.

China Town Antwerp ⎟ via

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Enjoying Beautiful Square at Hendrik Conscienceplein

Like many European cities, you'll find Antwerp's squares everywhere, the perfect place to chill and listen to a street entertainer played his guitar. My favorite square in Antwerp is the one in Hendrik Conscienceplein, it s pretty compact and small comparing to the one in Grote Markt or Groenplaats. 
In Hendrik Conscienceplein square you will see Carolus Borromeus' church with its exquisite baroque facade, built in between 1615 and 1621. 

Carolus Borromeus' church

And in front of the church, there is a Hendrik Conscienceplein library where inside the library they have a jewel called The Nottebohm Room. Unfortunately this secret room is only open where there is an exhibitions. I have a bit luck visited this Notthebohm Room last summer, the interior was mind blowing , it s really one of the best-kept secrets in Antwerp.

Notthebohm Room

So, how do you like Antwerp? Some place that you love it too and looking forward to visit ?
I love it madly and it s exactly where I want to be, beside my tropical hometown of course ;-)


  1. di The Nottebohm Room itu perpustakaan yang isinya buku semua? Aku pasti seneng kalau nemu tempat seperti ini~

  2. kalo aku kesana nanti, ketemuan yaa mbak :D.. tunjukin aku tempat2 di atas :D.. trutama yg vlaikensgaang :).. aku tertarik ama tempat2 yg tersembunyi gitu drpd yg banyak turisnya..

  3. Hmm Belgium..
    awal tahun ini ada ajakan ikut konferensi ke Belgia, sayang terpaksa ditolak dulu hihihi

    padahal salah satu tempat yang mau didatangi, yaa karena TinTin-nya

  4. wah, asyik nih.. pngn datengi semua..hehe


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