How To Reach Beijing City Centre From Beijing Airport

Мany passengers have a long transit hours in Beijing Airport and since many nationalities could have a free visa for 24 hours or 72 hours to leave the airport, so why you dont use it to explore the city. For my case ( an Indonesian passport holder )  I applied for China visa before hand at the Chinese Embassy in my city.

The most common first question is how to reach the city centre ( Tiananmen Square most likely ) from Beijing Airport. Taxi is probably the most easiest way but just consider the crazy traffic in Beijing, surely you dont want to stuck in the street while you need to be on time to reach back the airport.

Beijing Airport has an easy Airport Express Train running from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport to reach Dongzhimen, this is the train station if you want to reach Tiananmen Square and as well you can continue your trip to other destinations in Beijing.
The duration is around 28 kilometers or around 30 minutes ad the train started from 06:35 AM to 23:10 PM daily.
When you arrive in Capital Airport, just follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station then purchase a "SMART TICKET"  in the locket and enter into the track direction city centre.

Smart Card - you need to purchase this card in the ticket counters before step in the train, you can refill it and refund the deposit too

The ticket price is CNY 20 for deposit and CNY 25 for one way to the city center, just refill the ticket as much as you needed it as the full deposit and the balance in the card could be refund.


  1. Gak sempat ke Great Wall ya mbak?

    1. Mesti milih mbak, antara Tiananmen atau ke Great Wall, gak bisa dua2nya :))


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