Tugu Hotel Malang , A Hotel That More Than Just A Hotel

How is the feeling of staying in the hotel that is surrounded by an exquisite architecture, a historical art and artifacts, with the real vibe of an open museum?

Have you ever stay in that kind of hotel ? Don't look any further, cause I would like to share our staying experience in Tugu Hotel Malang, a hotel that is more than just a hotel, it has become most indigenous, most essential in experiencing the beautiful richness of the history of Java.

Tugu Hotel Malang is located at the heart of the old town of Malang, looking out to the main monument of Indonesia’s struggle for independence, only because of this, Tugu Hotel Malang has the most convenient location to stay if you have a plan to visit Malang.

Each of its 49 guest rooms and suites is designed with individual character, with some paying homage to Indonesian heritage.

City hall of Malang, I made this pic just exactly by standing in front of the gate of the hotel

Dine with Mr Soekarno - Indonesia's First President

Lush garden decorated the windows with colonial touch

The Staffs

Every element of our stay was outstanding starting with the most friendly staff.

A heartwarming welcome and without hesitate they deliver their big wide smile in serving the guests, so warm and attentive, really cant do enough for you.

Bellhops, wait staff, chefs, front desk, management, all were incredibly warm and inviting and we truly loved the great hospitality and services. 


Our Room

Our check in process was smooth and without any hustle. We stayed in a ground floor room with direct access to the pool. Our room features handcrafted bathtubs, flat screen TVs, DVD players, a complete Java coffee amenities, coffee & tea making facility.

And a complimentary shoulder massage for every guest in their lush spa.

welcome drink - Indonesian lemon grass tea

pool access from our room



Natural touch in every details


The Bathroom

Semi open bathroom and shower is absolutely fantastic, after a short flight from Jakarta, somehow this is what we need to recharge our body and get ready to explore the city. Equipped with a standard amenities, just exactly what we need. 

The Restaurant

In Tugu Hotel Malang, there is 6 spots with different theme for you to enjoy. 

Melati Restaurant

The only restaurant in Malang that features a classic, romantic Malang Tempo Doeloe (Nostalgic Times of Malang) atmosphere, Melati Restaurant is famous for its original Indonesian homecooking old recipes.

Roti Tugu Bakery

Roti Tugu is known as the best homemade bakery in East Java, with the largest bread and cake selection in town. All the products of Roti Tugu are baked fresh several times daily, with absolutely no use of preservatives.

old style cookies, symbol of nostalgia

Tugu Tea House

This cozy nostalgic Javanese lounge on the second floor has indoor and outdoor seating areas, offering a romantic view of Malang’s old town square.

Between 4 and 6 PM, guests can enjoy the complimentary traditional afternoon high tea.

afternoon high tea - something that I always looking for

Royal Angkor

An elegant chandeliers, nostalgic photographs and furniture and artworks from the late 19th century to the beginning 20th century, this hall is mostly used to host wedding receptions, meetings, and private dinners for up to 100 guests.

Babah Room

An intimate dining room that captures the Straits Chinese atmosphere of the 1930s, with an interesting display of old Chinese puppets, pictures of Chinese families that once lived in Java, as well as typical dinnerware used by the Straits Chinese during that era.

Ban Lam Wine Shop & Bar

Ban Lam’s elegant interiors evoke a European salon culture, with antique furniture and an intimate atmosphere further enhances by the beautiful collection of local arts, of which the majority are from the owner’s private collections.

Endless Love Avenue - absolutely fantastic and romantic spot - and many like these around the hotel

The Breakfast

The breakfast is also an experience in itself, the menu is extensive from traditional Javanese, Indonesian, or continental. Without no doubt, we always choose the local breakfast, everything was beautifully presented, absolutely delicious and so filling.

We always prefer to choose the dine table beside the pool, in the open space where we could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The lady with traditional white kebaya ( a traditional blouse dress combination that originates from Indonesia ) served us patiently with her sincere smile. Only for this reason, we missed Tugu Hotel Malang so dearly.

breakfast under the Java sun

Beautiful and friendly staff served our breakfast

Sometimes we saw a bunch of the staffs were busy making a flowers arrangement nearby the pool too, some ritual that looks simple but definitely wonderful to see. 

the scent of Polianthes Tuberosa ( bunga sedap malam ) bring me back to the old times, considering we dont have this flowers in Europe

Would I stay again?

Without a doubt, the service of the hotel was very excellent, the history of the marvelous interior, the location was unbeatable, and a good value. Not many around like this one.

I m the guest of Tugu Hotel Malang but that in no way affected my opinion of the hotel or my stay. As always, all views are my own.

Hotel Tugu Malang

Jl. Tugu No.3, Kauman, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur

+62 341 363 891

+62 8133 4919 097

email malang@tuguhotels.com


  1. Tugu dimanapun selalu memikat tapi aku blm pernah nyobain yg bali hehehe #Ngarep

  2. I love Tugu too.
    Selalu pengen stay di Tugu Malang tapi takut pamitnya sama ibu mertua. Gak sopan nginep di hotel kalau rumah mertua ada di kota yang sama, hahaha.

    Udah coba Tugu Bali kak? Kami udah pernah, sama kerennya!

    1. Iya serba salah juga ya kalau ke kampungnya mertua :))

      iya kak sudah pernah Tugu Bali :)

  3. duluuuuuuuu banget, 10 tahunan yang lalu, pernah nginep disini. sekarang kayaknya lebih bagus ya?

  4. pas kliling jawa 2013 lalu, aku tuh udh mau bgt nginep di sana.. tapi stlh melihat hrg, lumayan mahal ya mbak ;D.. masalahnya, kalo cuma aku sendiri ama hubby mah ga masalah.. lah ini aku ngajakin papa mama dan 2 ART.. otomatis kamar harus 3 dipesen ;p.. jd batal deh..

    suka ama hotel2 yg designnya indonesia bgt kayak tugu ini.. kalo org2 bnyk yg seneng hotel minimalis, aku malah lbh suka yg penuh ukiran di mana2.. selera org tua sih kalo kata suami ;D

    1. datang untuk lunch atau dinner juga enak kan di Tugu Malang :)

  5. Mba Feb, u looks gorjes as always! Tau gk sih mba, kalo bulan depan aku pindah ke Malaaaang, aaaah tidak kok bisa ya...law of attraction kali ya, saking penasarannya pengen nulik lebih dalam. Eh kok life has changed my destiny hihihi ^^


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