The Cemeteries of 1st World War Victims in Ypres

One friend asked me in the comment box why on earth I made a photo while I was in a cemetary, I wish he knew that that cemetary is not an ordinary one, it s a cemetary for the victims of First World War. 
I doubt he knows the history of the world war 1 itself - as like many - we Indonesian, didnt grow up hearing about World War 1 and 2.

Ypres is another charming city in Belgium, unlike Brussels or Brugge, this city is less famous for Asian tourists unless they are a history freak. Ypres had the misfortune of being one of the front lines during the First World War, thus there are many relics that remind of the four war years (1914-1918) to be found in this city, many attractions and sites also refer to WW1 such as monuments, gates, fort, cemetery and landscapes.

Whether you like it or not, visiting cemeteries in Ypres is a must, there are 2 cemeteries of Commonwealth war graves, Ramparts Cemetery and Ypres Reservoir Cemetery which is way larger than the first one. 
The victims who are Brits, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and other nationalities from the British Empire who fought here, are buried there. 
It’s bone chilling to learn about the hard facts of war, but heart warming visiting a fallen soldier though sadly many bodies could not be identified at all and bear the inscription “A Soldier of the Great War, Known unto God” and on the other hand, those victims were lucky if their  headstone is marked  with their  name, number, unit, date of death and age.  

If you’re ever thinking about visiting Belgium, you should definitely consider visiting Ypres, after the war, Ypres was rebuilt from scratch and nowadays it’s a nearly perfect replica of the pre-war city. Sounds interesting for you?


  1. Eh gw mau bgt kesini..keren ya ke Eropa lg..menangisi Rp dulu nih..

  2. kenapa sih cemetary di sana itu cakep2 dan ga berkesan seram kyk kuburan di Indo -__-... kalo cakep bgini kan aku jg mw ziarah... di negara sendiri, baru masuk aja udh diserbu ama org2 yg jual bunga, air dan nawarin jasa cabut rumput di kuburan -__-

    1. abis dari kecil kita udah dididik kalau kuburan itu serem dan selalu berkaitan sama setan, jadi parno kan jadinya :)

  3. Rapih banget ya, trus rumputnya juga ijo2 cantik. :)


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