Wine Tasting in Cyprus

During our trip in Cyprus, we did 2 times wine tasting in different places, first was in Omodos Village and another time in the Etko Winery Factory that producing wine since 1844.

Cyprus ranks among the oldest wine producing countries of the world ( the oldest is Armenia ) because Cyprus ideally situated with the rich soil, sunshine and the climate that make this country is all ideal for the production of quality grapes and wines. The wine industry is a major contributor to the economy of the country through cultivation, production, employment, export and tourism.

Omodos Village - a cozy village surrounded with vineyard ⎟ Wine Tasting in Cyprus

We love to drink wine occasionally, our favourite is from Alsace region in France, though we are far from an expert, what you have to do is actually only : Look - Smell - Taste.

Etko Winery Factory ⎟ Wine Tasting in Cyprus

Wine Tasting in Cyprus

Etko Winery ⎟ Wine Tasting in Cyprus

Commandaria Wine
is a sweet wine produced in the island of Cyprus since 4000 years ago, taste pretty sweet and high in alcohol, if you ever tasted Porto (liquor from Portugal) then it tastes quite the same. Commandaria is a perfect wine for after dinner as a digestive.

The Left Bottle is Commandaria mentioned as the oldest named wine in the world ⎟ Wine Tasting in Cyprus

This Cypriot wine is  enjoyed for millennia by crusaders, knights and kings. Rumour has it that Richard the Lionheart is said to have served this wine at his wedding in Cyprus, thus the name Commandaria is referred to : “the wine of kings and the king of wines”
By trying Commandaria wine at least one time in your life, in the same time you taste a history or feel like you are a king. Smell it and let the flavour take you on a journey and legend.

I highly recommend taking a wine tour and wine tasting if you're into wine.


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