Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

As one of the biggest island in Mediterranean, Cyprus offers many fascinating historical sites and treasures. Rent a car is the most convenient way to explore this country, or join the daily excursion group. No matter how long you stay in Cyprus, this is the 8 favourite 'Must Dos' in Cyprus

1. Kourion Archaeological Site (Curium)

Located near Episkopi Village or around 19 km west of Limassol, this archaeological sites mentioned as one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the island because it was once an important city kingdom in the island, inhabited during Neolithic times or as early as 3900 BC.

This impressive and large archaeological is an almost perfect examples how Roman architecture looks like. You can see the ruins of villas, temples, amphitheaters. The setting of its location is absolutely stunning, overlooking to the sea. 

2. The Amphitheatre

This ancient amphitheater is considered to be a major section of the Kourion that was originally built by the Greeks. This impressive site is now fully restored and used for theatrical and live music performances during summer. The quality of acoustic is so remarkable. 
Back then in the Roman period, the row seats of the amphitheater had to be moved to a safe distance from wild animals during the actions with the gladiators.

More or less, it reminds me of Uluwatu in Bali and its famous kecak dance performance during sunset.

The Amphitheater in Kourion - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

Kourion Archaeological Site - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

3. Kolossi Castle

Located in the village named Kolossi in Limassol, this mediaeval castle is built in the 13th century then re-built in the 15th century, Kolossi castle is 21 meter high and has 3 levels. It is in a good condition and pretty impressive. The castle belonged to the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem and was the seat of the most important of the Commanderies that belonged to them.

The Kolossi Castle - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

4. Paphos Castle

Known also as The Paphos Fort or Paphos Medieval Fort, located in the heart of Paphos' Harbour. It was utilized as a fort, a prison, a mosque, and even a salt warehouse, until it was declared an ancient monument by the Cypriot Department of Antiquities in 1935.

I read there is a sign mentioned that "Saint Paul, the Apostle, visited this place during his first missionary journey."  

Absolutely an interesting site to explore especially in the sunset, it was pretty romantic that I saw few couples had their pre wedding photo session in the neighbourhood of the fort.

Paphos Castle - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

5. Kykkos Monastery

The Kykkos monastery mentioned as the most important site of the Cypriot Orthodox Christian as it houses the sacred icon of the Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke, but now it remains hidden behind a protective covering. It looks so effulgently beautiful, and that's why I definitely suggest anyone to see it.

The Entrance of Kykkos Monastery - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

The Kykkos Monastery - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

6. Archbishop Makarios Tomb

Throni Hill and Makarios' Tomb is a popular destination among tourists in Cyprus, particularly for those visiting the Kykkos Monastery.

Archbishop Makarios III was the first president of Cyprus, before his death Makarios requested to be buried on the summit of Throni Hill, which is near Kykkos Monastery and his hometown of Panagia Village. 

Once you enter the site, you will notice a big statue of his face, and from there there is a path that will lead to the Makarios' tomb, the tomb itself is guarded. 

 Archbishop Makarios III Statue and Tomb - Top Rated Tourist Attraction in Cyprus

7. Tombs of the Kings

8. Petra tou Romiou - Rock of Aphrodite


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    1. Ancient Amphitheatre is always stunning and wonderful to see...

  2. Awwww, your photos are eyegasm Kak <3 <3 <3

  3. baguusss... pengen kesana. oia, disana lagi krisis ekonomi kan ya? trus apa2 jadi lebih murah gak?

  4. yg monastery aku paling suka ^o^... tiap kali berkunjung/masuk k dalam monastery gitu, selalu ngerasa adem.. semua tempat ibadah sih sbnrnya... apalagi kalo di dalamnya ada bnyk lukisan, wah aku paling betah deh lama2 ngeliatnya

    1. iya sama, apalagi udah berusia tua tuh bangunan2 kek gitu biasanya...

  5. I Love everything in Cyprus, the country that I want to visit some day *ameen*

  6. mau ke Cyprus jugaaa...serius ini postingan bertubi2 darimu mulai dari Armenia, negara2 'stan', Yunani, Cyprus bikin gueeh ngilerrr...wahahahahaaa...pusing banyak maunya, ya Tuhan kenapa sih Indonesia letaknya ngga di belahan benua Eropa ajah..kenapa jauh banget mau kesana mahal ya Tuhaannn... #ngomongsendiri

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    1. jangan sedih kak, STAN itu emang najis banget, letak boleh di Asia tp harga tiket dan budget traveling disana nya gak nyante :((


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